Zeus Platform Offering Ecomining from Garbage Recycling Factory

zeus platform

Zeus platform aims to be the first company for bringing recycling garbage waste into electricity. The produced electricity, will be used to mining cryptocurrencies with their own mining capacities.

Taking the social background to solved the environmental problem, the platform trying to offering a problem solver, how to handling 300 kg waste that produces by each person in the world, while total people population in the world right now about 7.5 billion, and projected to reach 8 billion by 2024.

About Zeuz platform, it seem to be an ambitious projects, and it will need a huge fund to build up the infrastructures. That’s why the project was assumes the crowdfunding investment in Zeus Token to start the implementation. Total cost for the project implementation about 41,620,000 euros, 20 million euros for the waste recycling complex, and 21.62 million euros for land acquisition, mining farm building construction component, assembling, and others.

Zeus project will running the implementation in 3 main stages. Starting with the ICO investment attraction to held the crowdfunding. The second stages is Production with estimation time from January to December 2018, starting with purchasing and rent of land in the industrial zone in Dresden, Germany by January to February 2018. The third stages is Buyback to reverse the token redemption.

Knowing that it will cost a huge funds to collect, the team behind the project also having an alternative plan, if the crowdfunding only collect a part of the funds only. The lack of financing could be covered by launching the second round of ICOs, increase in the share of investment in the project by German partners, starting the attraction of credit bank funds, or by using several of the options together.

Zeus mining farm will be mining on ETH, ZEC, DASH and BTC, since those cryptocurrency market was very dynamic. Bitcoin market capitalization for example, has reached 80 billion USD in 2017, bitcoin has grew from $800 to $4,000 in 2016 to 2017.

To be more specific on the mining device will be GPU and ASIC. The project estimate about 21,000 video card with 27MH/s hash rate on ETHASH, 2,000 item on ASIC to mining Dash, and 2,500 item ASIC miner to mining bitcoin. If ETH mining becomes no longer possible, than it will transferred into another cryptocurrency. To consider as a diversification of the possible risk on the device, it would use about 1750 item. GPU miner would be use 6 VGA on each rig, with the total of 650 item VGA, 1200 item for ASIC Xu.

For the raw material of the garbage recycling factory, the project will provided three main garbage processing complexes WABIO Technology, including a mining farm inside. All of the construction will be operate to receiving complex, sorting, and preparation of waste, crypto mining farm, and also for fertilizer production workshop.

Zeus Token Crowdsale Detail

Token Name: Zeus token
Token Symbol: ZEUS
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Token Pre-sale: October 25 – November 25, 2017
Token Sale Start: December 15, 2017
Token Sale End: January 25, 2018
Total Supply: 58,000,000 ZEUS
Hardcap: 41,620,000 Euros
ESCROW: Yes                                                                                        


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