Worldcore Goes to Blockchain Economy

There are plenty of room for players in blockchain-based industry, since you know the technology able to provide more agility to the companies. In the context of Internet-based financial services, getting into the blockchain pool is more than a temporary option, but it is a must, specifically in the customers experience(CX) approach.

Experienced since 2013 and is based in Prague, Czech Republic, Worldcore (EUPSProvider s.r.o.), basically is traditional finance company. Worldcore is Internet-based financial services. The company offers global payment solutions, including access to bank payments, prepaid debit cards, mass payments, payouts to any Visa/MasterCard credit/debit cards, and international payment processing for individuals and businesses. It also provides API/shopping cart interface services. But, when the bitcoin and cryptocurrency is happening, Worldcore is providing the e-currency payments.

Being registered in Europe and holding the license  issued by Czech National Bank,  Worldcore is mainly used by  people of the European Union. However, a growing popularity  and exceptional payment solutions offered by Worldcore  made the company famous outside the EU.

Worldcore’s focus is to improve their CX with the understanding that they could essentially gain significant market share with ongoing returning and new customers through offering them incentives to come back over and over. Worldcore is the first EU-regulated payment institution that integrated voice and face biometrics authentication.This has made Worldcore the only CX-oriented payment solution within the EU. And of course the e-currency payment is a part of it. Imagine that you would able to secure your crypto payment with your own voice and face. This is a great security niche.

Further more, Alexey Nasonov, the founder and chief executive of Worldcore is listed in New Europe 100 in November 2016. New Europe 100 is a list of change makers in central and eastern Europe.This third annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best people plus the organizations who are changing the region’s societies, politics or business environments and displaying innovation, entrepreneurialism and fresh approaches to prevailing problems.The challengers were selected by Res Publica, the Warsaw-based journal; Google; the state-supported Visegrad Fund promoting integration within central Europe; and the Financial Times.

The customers like you

So, what would you do with Worldcore services. If you are the fundraisers, you can get donations from people without any limitations. A wide array of payment options increases the chances of reaching a target amount.

Big companies can do business and get all type of payments with Worldcore. The use of a Worldcore account significantly simplifies payout processes, so that companies can make transfers to suppliers and partners, pay salaries, make rent payments, pay taxes, etc. For freelancers, they can accept payments from clients worldwide without worrying about details.

If you own your online shop you would able to use payments by cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. And for individuals who want to send money to their relatives, friends and loved ones without any limitations.

In short, Worldcore is a reputable company with a great willing playing in cryptocurrency’s round table. So, by providing an ICO for their own token, called WRC, Worldcore is attempting to become one of the first digital financial institutions that are ready to integrate natural financial products into the blockchain sector of the economy. Regardless of whether you are working with bank transfers, plastic cards or cryptocurrencies, you can manage everything through a Worldcore account.

This Worldcore ICO second round is to extend their product portfolio by adding blockchain products. If WRC tokens are sold out, their product portfolio will be supplemented by the following products: Brokerage platform for blockchain assets trading; Blockchain-based cash money transfer platform for easy and instant conversion of cryptocurrencies into cash and vice versa in 1000+ of pickup points internationally including all Worldcore offices; UK-regulated Blockchain-powered P2P lending platform.

In practice, using a Worldcore account, you will understand how easy it is to accept bank transfers without having  a bank account. Your profit can always be withdrawn to a debit card, then spent in the nearest shop or withdrawn at ATM with an industry-leading daily withdrawal limit of 4,000 euros. Alo if you work with your partners around the world in different currencies, you can accept payments by different ways and in different currencies and send bank transfers in other currencies.

Those scenarios driven by these key advantages of multi-currency payment account: Fully remote opening of a multi-currency account; no setup fees and no monthly maintenance fees; no limits for transactions; a complete alternative to a traditional current bank account; 0% commission for bank transfer funding; entirely electronic application process and the same-day approval.

Crowdsale will be closes in next 30 days. Minimum purchase is 100 WRC tokens at 1 WRC equals to 0.1 USD.


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