Wordcoin ICO with Word Expert Platform


Russian blockchain startup, Wordcoin has launch the ICOs project, introducing a new international Word Expert (WE) platform based on blockchain technology. WE platform aims to be the first decentralized blockchain freelance platform to connecting widely popular online services related with language translations, copywriting, SEO and website access.

Word Expert will connected online based services such as Copywriting, translation services, SMM (Social Media Marketing) with SEO backlink posting, and also Online Reputation Management (ORM). Wordcoin cryptocurrency will be act to connecting all the transaction inside the platform.

The world has changes, blockchain technology have influence so much aspect since the technologies are irreversible. Decentralization is the main characteristic, and also smart contracts, will allows to reformatting the whole of economic sectors, able to make a secure transaction, faster, transparent, and also effective, online based services are included.

Pavel Burtsev, as the founder of the platform at the press release on prnewswire.com said that Online based services currently well-known with a high demand to provide the comprehensive one-stop platform to deliver a multiplicative effect. The total market value is about to reach $1 trillion dollar.

By the term of a huge rapid growth international market connections between people and the commercial enterprises, translations services will be also increase. The annual turnover for the translation’s market will going to reaches about $250 billion. While SEO and SMM market were also getting stronger with the annual market reaches $100 billion, ORM market estimated at $50 billion.

Since the platform was a blockchain based technology, the decentralization aspect will helpful to cut the cost and also decrease the pricing due to the absence of the intermediary or recourse owner’s fees. WE platform also using big data to analyse large amount of user’s data, rating system, and constant monitoring from the posted information online. WE API also built with a transparency and integration with other services and application. To be able to do the text analysis WE platform is using artificial neural network to eliminate low quality works by machine methods.

By using the platform, customers are able to select the list of lots of website with the highest relevancy, or assign the copywriters to create reviews, interviews, press release, and articles. Customers also able to assigns tasks for purchasing of backlinks coming from high rated websites, social media accounts, order clicks, likes, and any other SEO related assets.

Because Word Expert platform will be the same as the one-stop platform, all the actions are just only takes 30 minutes long with Wordcoin cryptocurrency. As the result, the platform will offering positive SEO with the high online reputation management in the search engine.

Word Expert comes with unlimited opportunities to influence to top search engine as the result such as Google, BING, Yandex, Yahoo, and others with the relevant keywords. So when users are entering the company name in Google, users will see the Customer controls. There will be no need for the customers to engage a large PR agency anymore with the platform.

Wordcoin Token Crowdsale Detail                          

Token Name: Wordcoin token
Token Symbol: WORD
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Crowdsale Start: October 10, 2017
Crowdsale End: Nov 7, 2017
Price: 1$ = 1 WORD


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