decided to make new token called Trade Token X (TIOx ), has successfully completed the fork of TIO decided to make a new token called Trade Token X (TIOx)

Oct. 25, 2018 – Through Medium Account, today TradeToken announces that they have successfully completed the fork of TIO, this new token is called Trade Token X with the TIOx ticker.

The launch of this new token was carried out regarding the existence of large transactions from the TradeToken wallet, about 50M TIO tokens sent to anonymous addresses.

Previously’s CEO Jim Preissler explained, “the unauthorized access has no bearing on client accounts, the exchange or liquidity pool, and all remain operational. “Thanks to the fast action by management and partners, it ‘s important to know about theft from a cold storage wallet is a major crime and incidents, at no point were client assets under threat. Technical security on the exchange and client funds were never compromised and have not been affected. The TIO that was taken was owned by trade and is reserved for our lending facility, the liquidity pool, which has been operating smoothly and also remains unaffected. The protocol was followed to a T, and thanks to the good team and partners, we ‘re now very close to a complete and swift resolution for more than 95% of TIO holders. All remaining cases will be dealt with on an urgent, case-by-case basis.

The following quotes must be remembered by the token holder.

TIO held on Exchange:

If you hold TIO on the exchange and/or Liquidity Pool, your TIO will be swapped out with TIOx, along with enabling of deposits/ withdrawals and Liquidity Pool allocations/removals no later than 17:00 EST, 25 October 2018. This means you will no longer see TIO, but rather TIOx, and deposits/withdrawals will be only TIOx. Due to a technical limitation, all trading history will show TIOx where TIO was originally traded, but all amounts, trade type, etc will remain the same.

TIO Held on MEW or ERC-20 Compatible Wallet:

Provided you had TIO in your wallet prior to the snapshot which was 21 October @ 15:00 EST, you will receive new tokens. If you are not seeing TIOx in your wallet, you need to do the following:

A) Add custom token
B) Add contract address which is: 0xd947b0ceab2a8885866b9a04a06ae99de852a3d4
C) Add symbol: TIOx and/or name which is Trade Token X

TIO Held On KuCoin:

KuCoin has been extremely helpful and has assisted us in airdropping TIOx to your wallet within KuCoin. Obviously, we are not familiar with KuCoin’s process with respect to airdrops, so we are somewhat dependent on their processes. We would imagine however, they will be prompt in allocation and enabling you to withdrawal your TIOx. You will only be able to trade TIOx at so please act accordingly.

If you have any issues in receiving your tokens, please contact KuCoin prior to contacting

TIO Held on OKEX, HitBTC, IDEX or

Please contact for further instructions.

As usual please contact  on Telegram, Live Chat or email for assistance.



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