SwissBorg Succeded to Raised 10 Million USD in Firstday ICO


Since the banking industry has being disrupt by the blockchain technology, SwissBorg project offered a revolutionizing wealth management services as their platform. Powered by blockchain, SwissBorg that was based on Lausanne, Switzerland were proposed a community-centric approach into the banking sectors.

Blockchain technology with its ecosystem right now has exponential growth in asset value creation, while its keep pushing the banking industry to changed dramatically in the age of digitalisation and decentralization.

SwissBorg, create a by Cyber Wealth Management Platform with their community-centric approach. It will be Meritocracy and Swarm Intelligence that would be the heart of their ecosystem. The function was to ensuring the investment services to be delivered, and accordance with the community best interest.

Since the platform start the first day ICO launch, SwissBorg had raised about 10 million USD just in a day. It’s written on their blog that the project succeeded to raise over $10 million in the first 12 hours. From what the platform targeting, they already has successfully passed a soft cap of $5 million.

Form what the platform has reach, it shown a huge interest in the platform. The platform achievement must be have seen by the investors since their Investment Management Division is comprised of experienced portofolio managers and financial advisors, providing innovative wealth management solution to the community.

The team experience in alternative investment strategies into Hedge Funds, push them in the project to be apply the same approaches into cryptocurrencies. The Cryptallion Hedge Fund (CSB) has created as a diversified set of the sophisticated investment strategies inside the platform.

Based on design platform, SwissBorg have designed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) called SBCI (SwissBorg Crypto Index). The fuction will show smart contracts processing to optimise the creation and administration of the investment fund. The specific purpose from MVP is to developed a compilation of smart contracts, managing the operations of an investment fund to be more secure and efficient.

Theres one more, the platform also having a sophisticated investment strategies based on technological tools rely on the artificial intelligence algorithm, Cyborg Indexes. With the Cyborg Indexes that will be launched after ICO done, it will help the user to managing their assets with ease.

Inside the platform, SwissBorg has also having a Hybrid Audit Process using IFPS protocol. Investors will have an extra layer for their protection and brings more transparency. We might not see the features on some cryptocurrency exchanges to provide the proof-of-reserve. The platform aims to provide fully transparent into holdings in the real time.

At last, SwissBorg was also ready with several types of wallet, cold and hot wallet. SwissBorg wallet break down into three catogories, software, hardware, and paper wallet. If user prefer to use software wallet, they able to having it in several version, desktop, mobile or online.

Swissborg Token Crowdsale Detail                          

Token Name: Swissborg token
Token Symbol: CHSB
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 CHSB
Crowdsale Start: December 7, 2017
Crowdsale End: December 24, 2017
Token Price: 1 CHSB = 0.1 USD
Currency Accepted: ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, Fiat


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