Swarm Fund – A Wide Variety Investment Applications Platform

Swarm Fund

We believe the crypto community has successfully proven that it can build incentives for the community itself to create desired outcomes. – Swarm Fund

What if, it’s only just by a single application to do a wide variety investment that able to handle for several real assets? Swarm Fund platform, founded by Joel Dietz, a software developer and entrepreneur based in Berlin, creating a new crowdfunding platform for a better way and effective to support the blockchain projects. At the earlier time, Swarm have trying to enter the future crowdfunding platform.

Now with Swarm Fund, will able to make traditionally exclusive investment opportunity, in private equity, pooling from smaller investment to larger, and also institutional sized blocks. As a fully decentralized capital market, Swarm Fund creates possibility for the investors who want to access a new asset class to institutional type investments.

Since the platform will gathered the small to high investment type by using cryptocurrency token, investors who don’t have the high minimum set investment in many institutional funds require were still able to participate.

The platform projections is to help the crypto world and able to reach $1 trillion tokenized real-world asset by a partner funds. Based on their whitepaper, Swarm Fund team has managed about $10 billion in portfolios, built platforms that handle $25 billion of monthly deal flow and already has several pre-selected funds which generate 30+% through scalable models powered by AI.

Swarm Fund platform has designed to be adaptable into full regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. For the private and public blockchain tokens is additionally designed with AML/KYC compliant to follow the existing exchange models. If on such standard ICO approach there seems still unclear relation with the regulators, Swarm Fund platform have openly approached the lawmakers with model in 7 direct relationships with regulators in multiple jurisdiction, and organized legal conferences with positive responses.

Trust, is the main problem on how the cryptocurrency greatest challenge must be resolved. With the platform, there is possibility to reach the market that based on blockchain cryptocurrency technology. In the standard ICO approach was usually with no governance types, Swarm Fund offering liquid democracy model and process language. With the liquid democracy approach by the platform, token holders are able to elect the board members.

Swarm Fund Liquid Democracy will apply the network democracy as the liquid democracy. In Swarm Fund, Network democracy mean is a stake-weighted delegated voting system, able to provide the options for enhanced stake and programmable liquidity.

What makes it different is, if in traditional model the voting weight and the network stake are equivalent, while in the enhanced model, voting weight is not only by network stakes, but also plus an additional amount of weight depending on the length of the time lock and the additional parameter. As the result from the programmable liquidity provide by the platform, since it is complementary to a locking periods, then it is now possible to accommodating in the long-term stake, and also the liquidity with incentives the both sides.

About the token, the platform is using two type tiered token, one as the “utility” token, Swarm Token (SWM), and another one will act as a sub-token (SUN). SUN token will allow Swarm Fund platform member to invest in the actual funds inside the platform.

Token Name: Swarm Token
Token Symbol: SWM
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Token Supply: 32 Million SWM
Crowdsale Start: August 28, 2017
Crowdsale End: September 22, 2017
Token Price: 1 SWM = 0.0032 ETH
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