StuffGoGo – eCommerce Platform without Fees and Restrictions


Ecommerce platform has create so much attention worldwide. It also create so much opportunities around it users. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, it will keep growing up to 1.623 billion in 2018, from 1.079 billion in 2013.

Easily accessible from mobile platform makes ecommerce platform gain more popular. Business Insider premium research service forecast, announce that m-commerce platform will be reach about $284 billion by 2020, or about 45% of US e-commerce market.

Based on the conditions above, it makes sense why StufGoGo will trying to reaching the ecommerce segment on mobile platform, because digitalize era on mobile platform would be unstoppable. If we already seen ecommerce platform usually goes through a centralized service, so here is why StuffGoGo would trying to disrupt the ecommerce platform.

What is StufGoGo?

Basically StuffGoGo is online mobile classified ecommerce platform. With StuffGoGo, buyer or the seller will be able to interact directly without using any central server to connecting them.

StufGoGo ecommerce platform, offering different approach into the world online commerce. By using StuffGoGo platform, all buyer and seller inside will connect them directly. There is no middle man used into the transaction, so it would be no fees needed to pay.

StuffGoGo Mobile Apps

StuffGoGo Mobile Apps

What Makes StuffGoGo Different with OpenBazaar?

Crypto community might already know about OpenBazaar platform. StuffGoGo (SGG) seems looks similar, but actually it’s totally different with OpenBazaar. SGG has already pointed out this on their Whitepaper. The most differences between them is, if OpenBazaar was on a desktop, then SGG build on mobile platform.

At the SGG platform, it also available with auction or classified, while OpenBazaar didn’t. If we compared the from the available wallet, OpenBazaar did not using it. SGG also using personal token called SGG Token, this will enable huge internal bandwidth, so user need to pay any of fees.

Much Better than Centralized eCommerce Platform

So much people must be well known about such as services like eBay, Amazon, Craiglist, myriad or other ecommerce platform. Such of this services are centralized platform, which is usually using on central server to hold all the data.

At the moment, what user give information into the centralized services, will easily being used into another purposes, in order to resell it, than turning it become a revenue sources, since the services will always trying to collect all user information’s.

Another negative side from centralized ecommerce platform is, it always becomes the perfect target from malicious attack. If the main sites are getting hacked, so all the data would be leaked. As the usual, mostly it only limited with the accepted payment methods.

What Makes StuffGoGo Valuable Ecommerce Platform

Here is some benefits when user using StuffGoGo platform, if we compared with most centralized ecommerce platform:

SGG File System Distributions

SGG File System Distributions

  1. Based on peer-to-peer platform

StuffGoGo (SGG), built the ecosystem based on peer-to-peer platform. The P2P ecosystem being used to connected all node directly, without central servers needed. Because the platform was fully decentralized, so the user would be interact each other directly, without any middleman to exchange or make the payment.

  1. No Fees or restriction, no account created

There is no fees to be pay, because all buyer and seller are connected directly into the platform.

  1. Various Payment options available

SGG platform provided for local or other online payment method that user able to choose. There also available for SGG token, as well as another cryptocurrencies that also available.

  1. Most Secure

What make the platform secure, of course because it build based on P2P platform. There is no central server, no personal information getting collected, so there would be no data could be stolen or even sold. All the data on the ecosystem will be distributed across the node. There is no entity controls, as the same as the most cryptocurrencies we knows.

  1. Integrated with SGG / BTC Wallet

Both wallet was built to make non crypto user easily to use.

  1. User friendly Mobile Platform apps

The mobile platforms apps on StuffGoGo were made user easy to buy or sell.

SGG Token Crowdsale Available

ICO Start Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
ICO End Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
Total number of SGG Tokens issued: 1 000 000 000
Token Exchange rate: 5 000 SGG = 1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 500 SGG (0.1 ETH)
Maximum transaction amount: 15 000 000 SGG (3 000 ETH)


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