STK Token – Global Solution Facilitating Borderless Transactions

STK Token

STK Token by STK Global Payments AG, will start the ICO on October 25, 2017 until November 3, 2017. STK Token platform, will enable to its user for real time point of sale (POS) transaction directly by using their private cryptocurrency wallets. Created based on Ethereum ERC20 standard, STK Token aims to be the global solution to facilitate borderless transactions.

By using an application named as STACK and the token itself, the platform will create the solution for the most two problem such as A lack of merchant acceptance for the cryptocurrency, and ability to complete the transaction in near-instant time.

STACK will create State Channels between the customers and STACK. The channels will provide real time transactions and recorded on the blockchain. To gain the mass adoption, STACK has also created partnership with an existing payment network, so it will allow the cryptocurrency wallet used at more 39 million merchant locations.

The state channels above means, that the platform will made off-chain transaction without losing the security matter. The benefit by using the transaction channels is to allow us to conducting blockchain interactions, if the transaction were going to be conducted on-chain. Since the state channel may exchange a large number of transaction, the platform will required an on-chain operation, but only if the channel was closed. To provide the transaction speed, it will be using liquidity pool. By using their liquidity pool, user will allow to make a fiat purchase by global payment network.

Overall, the platform application, STACK, will be used as a personal finance system, an alternative to the traditional banking to provide a better way to spend, save, and share money straight just form a single mobile application.

Here is the STACK features:

  • Provide real time conversion from crypto to local fiat currency
  • Tap-top-pay functionality
  • Multi currency wallet (Crypto and Fiat)
  • Chip and Pin EMV card
  • Ability to social sharing moments
  • Allowing to withdraw cash from any ATM
  • Tips, tools and tailored advice to reach financial goals

To complete the platform as a global personal finance for its user, there will includes a STACK prepaid card for each STACK account. Since the platform was a blockchain based platform, so user will also able to track their transaction.

About the wallet, the platform was using STACK digital multi-currency wallet, accessible with STK token. The token will be used for operating cost to setting up the channel. Since the token might be change the value, so the transaction price was calculated exactly similar on how the Ethereum gas prices.

STK Token Crowdsale Detail                                     

Token Name: STK token
Token Symbol: STK
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply: 1 Billion STK
Token Sale Start: October 25, 2017
Token Sale End: November 3, 2017
Price: 1 STK= $0.20 USD                                                                    


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