Spectiv to drive VR into decentralized platform


Virtual Reality (VR) has become more over than a mainstream, based on the Techcrunch article in 2016, VR is no longer creeping the mainstream, but it’s leaping. There are big tech industry then start to explore VR such as Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft, HoloLens, Volvo, Trimble, NASA and many others.

Still at the same years in 2016, a VR startup Magic Leap had received about $793 million in order to make the progress development in physical world and VR by creating seamless experience would be much quicker.

Back on 2015, there are three companies who previously as a pioneer in the space of professional content production according to an article written on Cablelabs. They are JauntVR who had secured $66 million investmen in 2015, Immersive Media, and NextVR that proposed to become the “Netflix of VR”.

VR Create New Wide Market Opportunity

Research and Markets recently has release a Virtual Reality (VR) Market Analysis. The analysis were taken by device, technology, component, application, region, and also segment forecast from 2014 to 2025. According to the report, global virtual reality (VR) market will expected to reach $48.5 billion by 2025.

VR market, categorized based on components into hardware and software verticals. Still based on the market analysis, it was said that hardware segment overall market shared in 2016 has dominated the VR market.

Techviao report on 2015 about virtual reality market based on the industry analysis, also giving the same categorized. There are categorized by end-user segmentation such as PC gaming platform, console gaming, and mobile.

All of the three categorized above, was divide based on the hardware and software segmentation. As the result, the report analysis hash concluded that hardware segment will reach more than 73% of the total market revenue by 2019.

What do we can say from here is, it was true that VR market from 2014 to 2016 or even till now, the VR industry or even startups is still focused on how to developing the technologies to support VR worldwide. So here is the open opportunity for Spectiv to taking places in the world of VR.

Spectiv to drive VR into decentralized platform

With the good opportunity in the world of VR platform, Spectiv project are trying to drive VR into decentralized platform. By the benefit of blockchain technology, yes of course it’s possible, by utilizes the VR to create a dedicated VR streaming platform with a mainstream capacity, as what Spectiv said in their whitepaper explanations.

Basically, Spectiv will act as a platform to enables user or organization to stream their virtual reality experiences to the world. Then, viewers able to engage the experience from their home, through VR. By this scheme, Spectiv would able to create immersive shared experience through VR.

Not just by medium for sharing VR experience only, Spectiv would sure able to broadcasting a VR live stream such as sport, concert, and many others. More specific for the mainstream events, Spectiv will make a partnership with the relevant hosting organizations.

Dealing with how a VR content becomes valuable, so Spectiv will using original VR content only. All of the content will be produced from most cutting-edge VR tech. Spectiv productions team will keep the VR content valuable and based on the original content.

Spective Roadmap

Spectiv Roadmap Timeline

Spectiv is different compared with other VR platform

What will make a big different is, because Spectiv is a user-driven content, the platform is a decentralized, so users are able to integrated exchange of virtual reality experiences. Spectiv platform is not just a portal for viewers only, but each other user would able sharing their experience.

Which mean, Spectiv able to create self VR environment regarding all its user around the world. Another possibility based on the platform is, the ability to provide the payment ecosystem between users. Now let’s get closer on how Spectiv platform able to handle all the ecosystem.

Spectiv Token

How Sigs token works

Introducing Specs and Sigs token by Spectiv VR platform

In order to running all the ecosystem inside the platform, Spectiv using two kind of token with different capability. Both of the token are “Specs”, and “Sigs” token. Specs token will operate as an internal platform currency, while Sigs token will be used as a decentralized ERC20 token. Yes, both of them, was created based on Ethereum. Here is the detail specification use about the two kind of token:

Specs Token

  • Used for ad reward and make a payment by smart contract
  • Ability to facilitate small denomination tip transaction by user
  • As a payment system by Specs token, so user will also able to purchase premium VR content.
  • Since the payment process will be done by smart contract, it useful to completely reduced ad reward manipulation

Sigs Token

  • Used as a requisite tool to generate signal for VR content, earn ad interest based on the traffic.
  • To incentivize VR curation and accelerate mainstream VR adoption
  • To give a vote
  • To exchange for specs token. User able to transfer Sigs token into Specs, as they will use for general platform function. Spectiv then will facilitate by allowing buyer to exchange Sigs for Specs at the market rate, just by the user dashboard. So now we could simplify the Sigs token as a voucher for Specs.
  • To attract the global audience through token crowdsale program.

In the Spectiv platform, Sigs token will played a major factor how to whole system will going to run. Combining with the Sigs token crowdsale program on the beginning, so it will reach mass adoption into the VR platform by Spectiv.

Spectiv Token Crowdsale Detail

Token Name: Spec Token and Signal Token
Token Symbol: “Specs” and “Sigs”
Crowd Sale Start: August 14, 2017
Crowd Sale End: September 8, 2017
Crowd sale Target: 130,000 ETH / $40 million
Escrow: CoinVault ATM CEO, Sheldon Weisfeld, Spectiv Virtual Reality, LLC

WebsiteRead Whitepaper

Meet Spectiv Team

  • Dylan Senter – CEO
  • Nick Ravanbakhsh – COO
  • Chris Pena – Chief of Technology & Development
  • Raymond Hernandez – UI Developer
  • Bryn Bellomy – Ethereum Developer
  • Justin Wood – Virtual Reality Specialist
  • Jusmine Nguyen – UX Developer
  • Mirza Baig – Business Strategy


  • Adam Richard – Founder of Volt Market & Sutton, Founder of Houston Bitcoin Meetup
  • James Duchenne – Founder of Sutton Stone, Representative for the Investment Board of Mauritius
  • Sheldon Weisfeld – Founder of CoinVault ATM
  • Ned Scott (Additional Contributor) – Steemit


  • AirPano – Award winning 360 Video Production Company
  • Jeremy Sciarappa – with over 10 million VR video views
  • Lucid Dreamscapes
  • A Luna Blue
  • Many others will come

Based all the whole description about Sceptiv platform above, ICO investor must have to keep on their eyes on the platform. So they wouldn’t get missed the opportunity to gain succeed with Sceptiv. After all, it’s your call.



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