SONM – The Best Alternative for Bitcoin Mining


Those who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin have wondered, at least once in their lives, whether or not there is an effective and more efficient way to help them do the mining. To them it may just be another thing to think about, but to some others, the thought of it is a good place to start to seek whether such alternative is available. I can definitely say that I was one of those people, and then I arrived to that point where out of the blue, supercomputers come to mind. Yes, supercomputers indeed play such an important role in computational science of all sorts, and if they are reliable enough for tasks such as oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, quantum mechanics, climate research, and many more – they must perform well when it comes to Bitcoin mining.


SONM Network Scheme, as described on the whitepaper.

While we may not have access to supercomputers, let alone

SONM world computer

SONM world computer implementation scheme.

afford to purchase and build them for personal use, we have a great alternative to help us mine Bitcoin and that alternative is none other than SONM. SONM is a supercomputer-organized, decentralized worldwide fog network that is available for a myriad of tasks – from general computing purposes, to scientific calculation purposes.

Developed to replace the traditional method of cryptocurrency mining that has been adopted by the blockchain community as well as Bitcoin enthusiasts, SONM does not only revolutionize the mining method, but also offers a large number of benefits as it can be seen in the following list:

Useful calculations which guarantee profits

When you’re mining, you’re often filled with questions regarding the danger of your PoS, level of difficulty, and whether or not your reward will decrease again. With SONM, your power will be used to process real tasks which means you’ll stop burning the kilowatts and instea, start serving proper calculations.

Profit maximization

Based on multi-agent system, SONM allows its system’s user to utilize its smart contracts and intelligent agents in order to maximize profit – which is the highlight of this alternative

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