Snovio – First Lead Generation Services on the Blockchain

Snovio Lead Generation platform

Lead generation services in the recent times makes the costumer never known exactly how it works, coming from where, and also when the time exactly. And most of them are impact to the high bounce rate. Lack of transparency from the earlier lead generation platform has become the major aspect to the customer about the services.

When customer using lead generation services, it also means that buying the data. While, the customer will never know whether the data up to date or not. What the usually happened is, the services will also sold the same data into another client.

Since the data had changed into exclusive just for the services only who knowing exactly, then the client will never know about the data quality. Market was a high competitive business, so being able by using a real-time update is a must for the services.

Snovio offering a new concept by using blockchain technology to be implemented for lead generation platforms. Snovio concept platform, made them becomes the first lead generation based on blockchain technology.

The concept is, to decentralized lead generation platform, and solves the most problem at the earlier platform. The logic idea behind Snovio platform is by attracting thousands of people around the world, then collect the information become valuable data inside the system.

Outsourcing the Data Collection

The best options for Snovio platform to attracting thousands people is by crowdsourcing data collection. Combined with decentralized platform to handling unlimited contributors, it’s possible. The contributors would also get a sharing revenue from the data shared.

Crowdsourcing already known because there is no limit, sure it will extend the width and depth of coverage to receive the data. Stovio then able to added the data into the system by contributor automatically. Crowdsourcing also able to receive qualified data relevance. Since it will be easy to used the platform by crowdsourcing methods, substantially lowers the cost to finding a unique data in real-time.

Snovio Lead Generation Platform design

There are three element in the platform:

Contributors: using plugin to automatically searching verified data, add the data into the system. Smart-contract being used to storing the data on the blockchain. Since the data will be stored on the blockchain, so it’s possible to ensuring fair revenue distributions. Snovio also creating Chrome extension, and planning to different modules for other browsers.

Customers: client will able to purchase data for lead generation purposes by using SNOV token created by the platform.

Token: SNOV token will be used as an internal accounting between customers, Snovio platform and the contributors. SNOV token created based on Ethereum based platform with ERC20 standard. Token wild allowing the platform to rewarding users for adding the data.

Snovio platform was already running, based on their website, the platform already have 350,000 unique contacts in their proprietary database. About over 4,000 users have installed the plugin, with 100 new users daily. In facts, Snovio already have clients, such as UBER, Lego, Soudcloud, Oracle, Ubisoft, NYU, La Poste, and UC SanDiego.

Snovio Token Crowdsale

Token name: Snovio
Token symbol: SNOV
Token base: Ethereum – ERC20
Token supply: 2.5 billion SNOV (locked)
Crowdsale start: September 19, 2017 14:00 GMT+3
Crowdsale end: in 30 from start
Escrow: Starta Accelerator (New York)
Crowdsale target: $15 million.


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