Shivom – Blockchain Based Platform For The Genomic Future

Shivom is a unique platform based on blockchain that is an open market for a global-scale genomic ecosystem. Shivom meets individuals with organizations that need genome data, openly, safely and transparently. The platform will build health and data centers around the world, using blockchain technology that users and users of privacy can trust.

The ultimate goal of creating the Shivom platform is the next empowering era in the field of genomics, which is currently in the early stages of development and handling of serious problems. The Shivom project to protect identity, change lives and create personal care will be realized with blockchain technology. Shivom provides a health platform for genome ecosystems around the world. Users are provided with an open web market equipped with genomic data analytics, healthcare applications, and personalized drugs.

Here are some of the annoyances Shivom wants to solve:

– There is no secrecy between doctors and patients
– Patients can not use usage data by researchers or health institutions
– Lack of sharing, integrity and data ownership
– Third-party genomic squad providers perform sales of genomic data
– Squatting procedures are expensive

Shivom will create global scalability in health care, using the transformational convergence of OMICS technology with blockchain, machine learning techniques, and AI. The vision of Shivom is the future of more enhanced health care, overcoming problems and using revolutionary technology. Shivom’s goal in creating a universal database for DNA sequences, embodied with autonomous and original builds on the blockchain. The platform will always protect the sensitive genome data of everyone.

Here are some of the benefits offered by Shivom:

– Allows identification of a person’s health condition before it becomes serious
– Better control and management of how information is accessed
– Users get value on their data through smart contract and tokenization
– Storage and access to genome data become more comfortable because it is in one place
– Facilitate health researchers in finding lifestyle information

The Shivom platform is a global healthcare ecosystem that works based on the principles of integrity and collaboration. Everyone can manage, monetize and have their health and genomic data. They are free to determine who can access the data and are entitled to vote for the highest bid. Genome data owned by everyone is needed by healthcare companies to meet growth. This industry is worth millions of dollars because of the vital genomic data.

Clinical researchers and academic researchers use genome data to continue their various studies, while medical professionals need genome data to offer more personalized health services. Ultimately Shivom enables cheaper health care costs for everyone worldwide, reaching low-income and under-served countries.

There are some significant figures behind the Shivom project that make it so enjoyable. DR Axel Schumacher is a CEO & CO-Founder platform, with 20 years experience in development and research in the fields of epigenetics, genomics, Bio-IT, biomarker discovery, aging & long life. There is also Gembalakan Singla as COO & Co-Founder and Sally Eaves as Co-Founder & CMO. Please visit shivom’s official website for more team member information.

Shivom is a successful project that gained significant interest from various quarters, as evidenced by the number of 46k + followers on Twitter and 70k + followers in Telegram. Former Estonia Prime Minister, Taavi Rõivas joined as a member of the Shivom Innovation Board team. Also, Per Lind, founder of the IOTA foundation also includes an advisory board.

Shivom earns revenue from the nominal fees paid by users to purchase a wide range of healthcare applications. Other sources of income come from pharmaceutical companies, which buy genome data to develop their drugs. Shivom released ERC-20 standard utility tokens called OmiX tokens.

This token serves as a voucher that can be redeemed for services or merchandise on the Shivom platform. ICO token OMX takes place from May 3 to May 10, 2018. The number of OMX tokens released is 3 billion. Platform accepts purchase using Ethereum and Bitcoin. 1 Ethereum worth 7000 OMX.


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