Rivetz – Offering Cybersecurity Protections for Decentralized System

Rivetz Cybersecurity Platform

Will Become Valuable ICO project – Rivetz ICO Crowdsale Progress Has Reach over 50% in just 2 Days

The massive growth of the technology will also require powerful cyber security options, no matter what device we running on. If we try to looking at the existing tools we usually prefer to used, such as virtual private network, firewall, password management and others, all of the edge of the network is the network parimeter. It’s always brings a hole, when it make it too easy for non-authenticated user to attack and hack the system.

Based on the press release of Cybersecurity Economic Prediction in October 19, 2016, Cybercrime damage will take cost $6 trillion annually by 2021, it’s up from $3 trillion in 2015. The prediction in the 2017 to 2021, Cybersecurity spending will exceed $1 trillion in the next five years.

All of the cybercrime cost prediction above, are includes damage and data destruction, theft, stealing money, accessing private intellectual property or theft, stealing private financial information, and other malicious attacks.

At the recent time, mobile device had becomes most device that being used by peoples. How to bring data protecting on most common used device are the next challenge. That’s is why Rivetz project coming up. Of course, it would not only for the mobile device protection only, but also for other device. Basically user could be able protecting their device, and able to accessible in real time by using user friendly mobile apps provided by Rivetz.

About Rivetz

Rivetz is a “first-mover” pending patent on cybersecurity services and capabilities that leverage TEE. Rivetz has invested for over 3 years experiences in executing a well-thought-out and novel strategy to create market and capitalize on the substantial opportunity. In Q1 2017, the company was receive US Government contract, and at the Q2 receive contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and technology (S&T) directorate.

Rivetz had played a critical role in the creation, development, and also adoption on Trusted Computing. Since blockchain innovation has become much powerful technology environment, combined with the Trusted Computing to transform a new paradigm to be able to delivers a safe, private, and also securing digital services.

Rivetz Design Architecture

Rivetz platform offering provable cyber control of the owner device, from PCs to smartphones into “Things”. The word “Things”, will represented on how the solution would able to operate. Based on the great explanation on Rivetz Whitepaper, it will operates on a decentralized trust model that would provide the device owner proof.

By using Rivetz cybersecurity protection platform, you will no more needed any third party services or site to be able to claim that you are the owner of the device. Let’s take a closer into Rivetz design.

  1. Attestation as the core services

The main projection on Rivetz platform is to absolute give the access into the proven owner of the device only. Since user are also might be using on much different device, Rivetz also designed to be as much as flexibly to adapt to these variances.

The best solution how Rivetz platform will execute the protection is by using RvT Token. It’s a new approach in the blockchain to assure attestation and also the policy that fully integrated into the process. All of the device controlled transaction, only occur between parties that already known the absolute device’s owner. RvT token, will also require the all parties to be able to identify of the owner, because it will reduce the risk of any malware attack.

  1. TEE as the protection model

If the RvT token will provide the attestation model, so Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) will provide a vault to isolate and protect keys, encrypted material from apps, malware, user, and avoid hack.

Rivetz Cybersecurity platform phases

First phase from 3 phases on Rivetz Cybersecurity platform

What do we need to know about the TEE model from Rivetz design is, that the team has been build the technical foundation for over 3 years long. Rivetz also has existing contract with the US government. TEE, has become the technical model for attestation, have been part of global standards form European Union to OASIS to NIST for many years. Unfortunately, as the economic model has been missing to support the ecosystem.

TEE, later will put the token on the device, so the owner will determines the policies that already in the place. TEE policy can also be altered by the device owner or remotely at any time he wanted.

Rivetz Will Become Most Valuable ICO project – Crowdsale Progress Has Reach over 50% in just 2 Days

Rivetz ICO Crowdsale progress

Rivetz ICO Crowdsale progress, just over 50% in just 2 days

The fact about market for the services is huge. RvT token is potentially become valuable project. All the environment surround the ecosystem that driven by global cybercrime, regulation, IoT market, must be think much harder for the best solution into the security aspect. Rivetz project will be created massive demand to improve cybersecurity.

No wonder, as the first token crowdsale start at August 10, its only take 2 days Rivetz ICO crowdsale progress has reaching over 50%. Rivetz crowdsale has reach 23206.46 ETH, or about $6,990,465.

If we already looks at the concept above, and understand how potential the market was, ICO investor must be keep on eyes on this valuable project, don’t missed it. Don’t wanna missed it? Just join the Rivetz Token Sale.

RvT Token Crowdsale Available

Start time                   : Aug 10h 2017 17:00 UTC
End time                    : Sep 10th, 2017 17:00 UTC
Buy tokens now       : 366.67 RVT / 1 ETH
Final price                 : 333.33 RVT / 1 ETH
Cap                             : 70,000,000 RVT



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