Render Payment ICO – $500 Billion High-risk Markets Find A Solution

There are many challenges in business for both consumers and companies alike, but this is even more evident in high-risk industries. These include things like the gaming/casino industry, the cannabis industry, the online dating industry and more. All in all, there are hundreds of different high-risk industries out there and together they have a massive market of around $500 Billion.

One of the biggest challenges for those in high-risk industries is finding reliable and cost-effective merchant services. Many merchants in these industries are paying upwards of 20% of any given transaction to get services, which is obviously a big chunk of the sale.

This is often because these industries can be riddled with scams and frauds, so merchant services companies have to protect themselves. So a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch and making honest and hardworking entrepreneurs spend more than they have to. This affects consumers as well as, because merchants/companies have to charge more to offset these exorbitant merchant services cost.

However, one company is trying to change this and take advantage of an opportunity. Render Payment is looking to be the solution to the merchant services problem in high-risk industries. The ICO for Render Payments began back on October 7th 2017 and will run until November 30th 2017. The ICO is for a token called “RPM”, which will be the way that companies use and pay for the merchant services that Render Payment will offer down the road. There are 400 million total tokens available during the ICO and they range in price from $.10-$.25 per RPM.

Now that you know what the company is and a little about their ICO, what is Render Payments actually trying to do? Well, it is actually quite simple. They are trying to be the number one option for high-risk industries when it comes to merchant services and are aiming to offer a stable and more cost-effective way to exchange goods and services than what is currently out there.

Render Payments are based on blockchain technology and believe that a cryptocurrency-based solution is the way to go. Instead of forcing clients to use cryptocurrency to pay companies, Render Payments will allow customers to pay in ways they are used to (such as debit or credit transaction), which puts them above other cryptocurrency attempts at solving this merchant services problem. Instead of paying the 20% transaction fees that they are used to, companies will get more affordable and stable services in exchange for the RPM tokens.

As for what is happening in the future, Render Payment offer a detailed roadmap in their whitepaper that outlines their plans and what will be taking place during each stage of the development and there are some exciting things in their plans.Simply put, the implementation of the Render Payments platform and the RPM token could be a real game changer for high-risk industries and could help companies and individuals in those industries to finally find cost-effective and stable/secure merchant services.

The Render Payment ICO is now live. To contribute visit

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