RealityClash – The First Augmented Reality Combat Mobile Game on iPhone & Andriod


“Augmented Reality is a Reality

Of course we still remember how Pokémon Go, created by Nintendo in partnership with Niantic, has turn into a worldwide phenomenon. The fact is, it was officially available only in Australia, United States, and New Zeeland. Since April 2014, they already had invaded Google Maps, based on an article written at Techhive.

Less than a week since they start landed on Android and iOS on July 6, 2016, then its start the perfect storm as a phenomenon on how an augmented reality game invaded the peoples worldwide.

Just before Pokémon Go shown up and hit the world, there is Ingress, that currently first launched as an invite only in beta version on android. What Ingress trying to do is trying to anticipated an evolution in mobile computing gaming version.

What an augmented world is just like a “secret world” premise, as an alternative reality, but currently, it’s not a secret anymore. It only becomes secret just the most people don’t know how to able and really seen it.

So now it’s time for RealityClash to be the first augmented Combat game, running on iPhone and Android version, and backed by the Ethereum Blockchain.

RealityClash comparation

RealityClash AR to compare with the previous AR

What is RealityClash?

RealityClash is an augmented reality first person shooter (FPS) combat game, Co-Founded by Morten Rongaard and Tony Pearce. The platform available on iPhone and Android.

The team behind, has a strong experienced an also qualified in digital entrepreneurs, games, apps, tech, data & advertising. The development team behind them have worked for over 20 years across VR, PC and Console. Some of their worked on such as Perfect, Sing Star (Disney), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, Guitar Hero, Risk Urban Assault, The Voice, Powerstar Golf, The Rocky Horror Show, Lego Starwars Battle Orders, Runescape, and Haboo Hotel.

RealityClash AR

As we could see here about who the team was, there is no doubt how the team will be handling their augmented reality (AR) FPS gaming platform. Don’t stop just from here, let’s see what RealityClash AR platform has offering.

RealityClash AR Features

As a non-technical gaming developer and design, perhaps we will hard to understand how it comes to make a combat FPS augmented reality possible to build. But yes it is, the team must be has working hard to make it happened. We can see their great works by watching the Reality Clash video teaser on their website.

Here is some features on Reality Clash:

  1. Location based augmented reality platform

Player will able to accurately place player on the map by using a real time geo location technology. With 3D overlays, it will show stylized versions of the real-world buildings, so player will able to use it to hide etc. Player will also able to connect to friends in real-time by geo map technology.

  1. Dynamic backend

RealityClash used middleware engineering solutions to be able to develop a dynamic BaaS. So it could evaluate all the player actions with the location, and change the gameplay accordingly.

  1. Augmented reality gameplay

What a player would be enjoyed by playing the AR game platform is, because it will a fun as we all seen on the previous AR game platform before. RealityClash augmented reality game platform was also an addictive game version within real-world environment. They get all the information by a combination source such as GPS, WiFi accelerometers, and also camera feed.

  1. Integrated marketing opportunities

Framework is used so it will allowing adverts to be associated with the real world location. Then, the players are able to gain reward if they arrive at these destinations. These feature will controlled from a central server.

  1. Varieties game options to choose by players

In RealityClash AR game platform, player able to join private team, tournament, and also street combat mode

  1. The Armory Store Available
armory store

The first world’s tokenized Armory, player will be able to search and buy their need to combat.

RealityClash build the online store based on ERC-20. All the game content will be tokenized by ERC-20 with blockchain based trust.

  1. Able to make money

Player will have an opportunity by speculating on weapons, by becomes a virtual arms dealer. All what player need is just sale it on the Armory Store.

RealityClash Token Crowdsale

According to Digi-Capital, augmented reality forecast will going to hit $120 billion in 2020, the main reason is games will be much driven by augmented reality platform. What we are going to see here is, the market size from the platform would be huge. By seeing the opportunity, no wonder why the team project was also preparing all the aspect by opening token crowdsale program.

RealityClash will be create 2 (two) types of token. Both of them were also created by ERC-20 platform.

  1. RCC Gold

The token will only available during the token crowdsale

  1. RCC Silver

Will be available to purchase when the game launched. Player will able to purchase via iPhone or Android App Store.

Here is the RCC token crowdsale detail:

Minimum Objective: 7500 ETH
Max RCC sold: 100,000,000 (50% pre-sale / 50% crowdsale)
Pre-sale start: 1 – 28 August, 2017
Token total pre-sale: 50,000,000 RCC
Minimum investment: 50 ETH
Crowdsale Start: 29 August – 29 September, 2017
Minimum investment: No minimum investment


So now, are you ready to travel into the augmented reality?



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