Real Estate Asset Ledger – Ready to Taking Part in Real Estate Blockchain based platform

Real Estate Asset Ledger

Based on infographic highlighting 10 equity crowdfunding statistic made by CFX Team in 2016, crowdfunding industry will be projected to be growing up over $300 billion by 2025. Those global crowdfunding market forecast was taken based on a forecast market opinion by Dr. Richard Swart, as Director of Crowdfunding Research, UC Berkeley in 2014.

Since the year 2015, most important pattern from global crowdfunding is about how the real estate developers are getting more interest to crowdfunding their project. An article written by Joseph Hogue at Crowd101 in 2015 made a fair thought about it. From his perspective, direct investment in real estate has long been relatively exclusive to institution and accredited investors. While the regulatory burden are still limiting bank lending. Since then, most of real estate developers have turned to crowdfunding.

From IPO to ICO as a clear paths to the death of IPO

Blockchain technology with the unique characteristics as decentralized structure that firstly come by historical Bitcoin’s whitepaper by pseudonym name “Satoshi Nakamoto”, had already changed the world. Digital innovation by blockchain are going to democratizing finance.

Since the blockchain technology comes out, blowing up the world as a massive adoptions, has disrupt the financial market as we seen now. Blockchain technology did the jobs, create a new bright future, open larges opportunity, as well as the global financial market itself.

And then in 2014, Ethereum crowdsale by using Initial coin Offerings (ICOs) has made the crowdsale as the fifth largest crowdsale, sold out about $18.8 million in ether token using bitcoin. Now ICO has turned into their new world. But it also has turned out the market, since there is new opportunity by turning out the old fashioned IPO (Initial Public Offering), into ICOs.

In 2015, Financial Times has publish an article, “The strange death of the tech IPO”. Most of the tech IPO start raise less money, since the tech ventures are keep to staying private longer. The logic reason is, the tech founder will prefer to growing their businesses rather than courting institutional investor, and then dealing with the bureaucratic demands.

Later in January, 2017, IPO has no more real actions accept in private deals, as it written in LA Times. Many observers has assume because any company that resort to raising money using IPO must already been rejected by lots of sophisticated investors in the private capital market. IPO market has becomes an elite mechanism to choose the best corporations only.

From what the real conditions we have seen above, there is no wonder that the real estate developers now has choose the ICOs as a bright new tools with a great and wide opened market. But don’t goes too far, because ICOs is wild new world, and also high risk to deal with, since lot of investor will having several problem how to makes a logic investment.

ICO Problems for Most Investors

The fact is, for almost larges ICOs platform project has been dominated by well-funded companies. Yes it is, but another fact we must keep remain, there also lots of project ended just like it never happened before.

For the most ICOs investor, getting to make self-reviews based on the content real profile, coming from what companies behind it, and so on. Yes of course, ICOs investor has also gain at larges risk to carries on. But at least, ICOs investor will feel comfortable when their money are going to the right place. With a well-known founder, having a good profile and capability team behind it, and other such things.

So here it is, REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) coming up, offering the real estate platform with a well-known the founder’s profile behinds the project.

REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) platform

As a new ethereum smart-contracts ecosystem that applied into the real estate investment industry, REAL – Real Estate Asset Ledger platform will try to lowering barriers to entry, and also offering the market liquidity based on the blockchain technologies.

It was clear enough how the project to catching the real estate crowdsale market by using worldwide opportunity by using ICOs. From the objective and an effective investing method, REAL was trying to offering the new investing methods and how to securing value of the existing $100 billion in cryptocurrency.

Sure we have be already known that cryptocurrency is volatile, but REAL has offering with the platform to be able to less volatile objections by generating rental income and the value appreciation. Moreover, the REAL founders have invested $350.000 into the company as they seen the markets potential.

REAL founders and the team behind it, believe that by the blockchain technologies will be within the real estate market by the crowdfunding spaces. As they mentioned in the whitepaper, the crowdfunding industry is trying to anticipate the market value growth for more than $300 billion, which is real estate marketplace will be act as a primed to be able to capitalize the explosive growth.

As the crowdfunding investors most problem, REAL will easy to solved the problem, since the founder have a good profiles. REAL founders have a strong successful execution track record and reputation. They have been founded and exited profile into online startups for over the last 20 years.

REAL Founder Profiles

It is the most important things for the crowdsale investors to knowing the project founders profiles. And this is what makes REAL Market having its own strong foundation for their project. Let’s see whose the REAL founders below:

Enrique Dubois – Co founder & CEO

Since he was 15 years old, he already having a lot experiences dealing with entrepreneur and business world. By the young aged, he already founded and raised online companies such as, and also Then he starting to founded based in Spain. Mola had invested into over 60 companies now.

Bernando Hernandez – Co Founder & Director

Bernando is serial entrepreneur, internet executive and also venture capitalist. He also cofounded Idealista, as the biggest real estate site in Spain, which is then sold out to APAX for 253MM€. Having experience as the senior marketing product at Google, ever been joined to Yahoo, and also appointed to the jury of the prince of Asturias Awards for Science and Technology.

And yes, the summaries above, will make the crowdsale investors to become comfortable. So how good the REAL platform will be?

REAL Platform Design and Infrastructure

  • Blockchain

Ethereum based blockchain platform will be used into the REAL Platform.

  • Smart-Contract

Smart-contract will represent the property acquisition as a REAL Property Contract (RPC). So basically, it will becomes a smart-contract based on the real physical property.

  • REAL Token (REAL) Based on ERC20

REAL token was created based on ERC20 from Ethereum blockchain platform. By using the token, it will create user participations, called as REAL Property Participations (RPP). So the user might be able to buy or rent REAL property inside the platform.

  • A robust Dapp available on web, desktop and mobile
  • IPFS as distribution protocol to enabled address by content and identities, and also the creations of distributed apps. At this point, REAL will also using IPFS to acquisition the property documentations.
  • Audit & Regulatory

REAL is under Real Estate Asset Ledger Pte. Ltd, as incorporated in Singapore, 22 North Canal Road #02-00 Singapore with their UEN, 201720446Z.

REAL Token Crowdsale



Token Name: REAL
Pre-Sale Start: 24 August, 2017
Crowdsale Start: 31 August, 2017
Token Price: 1 ETH = 220 REAL



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