PumaPay – Platform That Will Ease Use Of Cryptocurrency In Online Outline And Offline

PumaPay is a platform that is present to help everyone using daily cryptocurrency, in offline and online outlines with ease. PumaPay creates a comprehensive and open source cryptocurrency billing protocol, the result of integrating the best traditional payment methods into blockchain-based solutions. The PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol offers a more flexible, credible, efficient, robust, scalable, and low-cost payment mechanism than the current implementation (credit card).

The team members behind PumaPay realize how necessary payment card processing is for merchants to grow their business. This became one of the keys to their success. PumaPay experienced in handling high transaction volumes understands if the credit card used as an online payment and billing standard is not currently fully tailored to digital commerce.

Traders still have to face some severe problems that occur in the payment processing system today. Among them are high costs ranging from 3% – 15%, significant risk, and inefficiency. On the other hand, many cryptocurrency owners are less liberal in spending their digital currency, both in online and offline outlines.

Therefore, the PumaPay platform was created to resolve all payment processing issues. It offers a blockchain based pullout system. The PumaPay solution will decentralize the entire layer of transaction processing services. Unlike current payment systems, such as credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin, PumaPay withdrawal methods operate from the ground up, to create flexibility in transaction mechanisms.

The PumaPay billing protocol is specifically designed to make it easy for everyone to use his or her cryptocurrency as a daily transactional tool, in offline and online e-commerce outlets. This innovative solution will significantly increase the use of cryptocurrency and become a standard payment tool in various industries. On the other hand, PumaPay offers a more efficient, cost-effective payment processing system free of the risk of chargeback, fraud, and penalties to merchants.

The primary mission of PumaPay is to modernize the payment processing system, by creating a cryptocurrency economy that evolves over the PumaPay Protocol. The platform offers custom privacy and security extensions to help maintain trust between business and customers. Every transaction in the PumaPay ecosystem is done directly between two parties without the involvement of intermediaries, making it much more efficient.

The PumaPay payment protocol has extensive functionality in billing methods, which have not existed to date. They include:

– Fixed Amount Recurring Payments

– Pay Per Use

– Fixed Time Recurring Payment

– One Time / Single

– Restricted Payments

– Shared Payments

PumaPay Protocol Pull Payment has a unique architecture that is adaptable and highly flexible, making it easy to use and integrate by any company. PumaPay gives traders the freedom to choose between custom-mode implementations or out-of-box solutions, tailored to their needs. Platform provides an opportunity for all parties to access a free blockchain-based comprehensive payment method. PumaPay offers wallet apps for users as well as SDKs and APIs for merchants.

Two types of PMA protocols consist of off-chain and on-chain components. Off-chain components are created to facilitate comfortable and convenient interaction between users and protocols. Meanwhile, the on-chain element will represent the functionality of the PMA protocol. PumaPay will partner with several leading companies from various industries and encourage them to accept this protocol in their business, to develop the PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol.

PumaPay will facilitate the process of onboarding users and businesses, which provides them with cost-effective and more cost-effective solutions. The platform aims to replace current and traditional blockchain-based billing methodologies, with the PumPay Pull Payment Protocol as a modern payment system.

PumaPay released the token standard ERC-233 that serves as a payment tool in the PumaPay protocol, named PMA token. ICO token PMA takes place from March 22 to March 29, 2018. The platform receives purchases of PMA tokens using USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH. 1 ETH worth 50,000 PMA.

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