Providence – 100% Cashless Physical Crypto Casino & Resort

Physical Casino & Resort

Providence is building the first fully​ ​cashless​ Physical ​Crypto​ ​Casino​ ​&​ ​Resort​. A location for cryptocurrency and gambling enthusiasts to meet, party, and relax out in the real world at a very attractive location.
Through Blockchain Technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk into our physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that will enable them to play their favorite adrenaline-inducing casino games.

Protected Winnings in Volatile Markets

Once you’re finished playing in Providence’s world-class casino and are looking to cash out your winnings, you will see how Providence can help you to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency and even profit on it. Upon cashing out, your casino chips are converted back to PVE Tokens on Providence Exchange. This is where the real benefits for the players begin!

By using exchange mechanisms, we lock down your winnings pegged to the current cryptocurrency exchange rates for a maximum of 72 hours. This presents an incredible opportunity for you as you will not be subject to the volatility of the market.

For example, if you cash out $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency and the value drops by 30% (or any amount) the next day, or at any time within 72 hours, you are PROTECTED. You have a full 72 hours to claim your $1,000 in fiat, no matter what happens to the cryptocurrency market during that time period.

Rewards and Micropayments

Providence places emphasis on micropayments and low fees. This is why we have developed the PVE token to maximize casino efficiency while keeping an all-inclusive approach to our clientele.

As a PVE token early adopter, you will receive a part of the fees usually sunk into credit card processing fees, cash handling fees, and other expenses. In the spirit of providing visitors with a truly cashless experience, the Providence blockchain application will help customers to pay using cryptocurrency for the various services offered on other premises such as hotels, luxury stores, and restaurants, further enhancing the ease with which they can spend their digital currency in the physical realm.

Every Quarter Year, Providence Crypto Casino & Resort will allocate 20% of profits in PVE Tokens into a Jackpot system that will be implemented on the Online Casino and will be provably fair. Each Providence Token holder will get a jackpot ticket for every 20 PVE tokens held with a combination of numbers to enter the reward pool and a chance to become the next millionaire!

Online Casino

Even though our core business will be revolving around a physical casino and resort, we are not disregarding the online aspect of gaming and entertainment. This is why Providence will also have its online casino platform that will offer all our customers the ability to play their favorite games online but also integrate the online casino with the physical one in a way that has not yet been done.

A look into the future of entertainment and hospitality
Providence is a project with a mission to connect physical and digital world of leisure and entertainment. Gambling industry and casinos are after all one of the major drivers of the “consumption” in crypto-economy at this point. By connecting this two realms we are creating much more possibilities for ordinary crypto users to leverage. Providence will become the central place to introduce the crypto market to gambling and tourist industries.

For our early contributors and supporters, we ensure additional 35% of tokens that they can get in the token pre-sale. The token pre-sale starts on 4th of October with the main sale being held in November! Visit for more info!

Providence Token Crowdsale Details                      

Token Name: Providence token
Token Symbol: PVE
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Pre-Crowdsale Start: October 4, 2017
Pre-Crowdsale End: October 18, 2017
Crowdsale: November 2017
PVE Price: 1 ETH = 600 PVE


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