Neuromation makes artificial intelligence available for business

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and processing of large amounts of data in real time have ceased to be exotic. Now it is a necessity for business, the same way to get a competitive advantage as it was with the introduction of Internet or mobile connection in an enterprise. However, there is still much work concerning accessibility of artificial intelligence for everyone. The company Neuromation works successfully in this direction. Its token sale you can find on the website

The company is going to make artificial intelligence available for business by means of the technology of mining, which is already familiar to digital currency enthusiasts. However, instead of the extraction of unpredictable crypto currency, Neuromation suggests that miners will be engaged in useful calculations, receiving demanded tokens as reward.

In the first place, computing power is needed for the work of artificial intelligence. The best way for calculations related to artificial intelligence is the pool of video cards graphics processors. Neuromation is going to make such a pool be decentralized, involving miners in the calculations.

Miners will also be able to create sets of synthetic data and calculate mathematical models, what is necessary for artificial intelligence. This information will be freely sold and bought on the new trading platform, which is also created by Neuromation. Some users will share information for free or on the terms of open-software. Over time, the customers of Neuromation will have a large set of mathematical models and program libraries, both paid and free. The trading platform offering the information will become the first infrastructure in the world for available artificial intelligence.

Specialists of Neuromation have sufficient qualifications to implement such a large-scale project. They plan to use the money collected for token sale to create their own laboratory of industrial automation. The company Neuromation already now cooperates with owners of retail networks, creators of new medicines, representatives of industrial enterprises. The partners of the company will get an access to new software elaborations and a decentralized network for computing. Miners will provide training of mathematical models, which are in demand in businesses, and create synthetic data packages in this network.

Over time, it is planned to transfer tokens from the Ethereum ERС-20 blockchain to its own blockchain. Visit the website of the project for more details:  You have also an opportunity to purchase tokens on this site on favorable terms.

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