MyEtherWallet launches MEW V5 with a new design

MyEtherWallet launches MEW V5

On February 11, 2019, MyEtherWallet launched MEW V5, new interface from the portal blockchain Ethereum, completely redesigned inside and outside. Although adding some new features but MyEtherWallet remains in the original principle, simple interface, no tracking, no emails, no ads and security is a priority.

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MyEtherWallet launches MEW V5 with a new design

The following are new features added :

  • A Friendly Face

The uncluttered, inviting interface works on any screen, compatible platform on various devices – desktop, tablet and cellular.

  • Intuitive and Convenient

It’s easy to tell which methods of access are most secure. recommend hardware wallets like Ledger, KeepKey, Secalot, Trezor and BitBox, or MEWconnect app.

  • Tokens and Swaps, Just a Click Away

Partnered with Changelly, Changelly will be operating alongside the Bity and Kyber Network functions already available on MEW. Conveniently, the new swap page is more than a tool for swapping coins — it’s also a crypto marketplace where you can shop for the best rates when purchasing cryptocurrencies.

  • Beyond Transactions: Blockchain Exploration

With MEW, you are not limited to the Ethereum blockchain. On the wallet dashboard, you will find a way to switch to alternative nodes on ELO, CLO, Ropsten Testnet, and Görli chains among many others, with future support for other networks. Don’t forget that MEW provides custom node support as well.

  • MEW ENS: Decentralization Made Accessible

One great way that users can interact with the blockchain right now is through ENS domain ownership. Go ahead and type in your name, your brand or a fun acronym that could come in handy later! Pick a name for your wallet, so that others can transfer funds to you as easily as through personal messaging. With MEW, you can check the availability of ENS domains, start and finalize auctions, and manage domain ownership.


More information : MyEtherWallet Blog



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