MobileGo the New Era of Mobile Game


In this modern era, game industry is still being loved by many people, both young and old people. Especially for the mobile game industry, there are a lot of mobile games out there. Made to be played on the phone, without smart technology, this mobile games will only be popular for a moment.

Recently, after almost 2 years developing, Datcroft LTD, will build a blockchain-based gaming system with smart contract. with the concept that offered by mobilego, gamers can get some product from mobile go.

in some game there will be selling and buying as well as trading that take place in that game. mobilego will be a third party between buyers and sellers about in-game content using smart contract with mobilego tokens. why use smartcontract? Smart contract is used to avoid fraudulents in buying and selling process.

Player VS Player
we all know that players that can fight each other cause game to be interesting. it means player vs player instead of player vs computer. in here mobilego will offer to player about they can set their own gameplay so they can fight other players directly.

Uniquely in this mobilego, players can create their own tournament with prizes that they can get with fight with other players. this is unique because it is rarely if some game that offer their players to design our own tournament.

After that, all mobilego products will be in game store named gamecredit. gamecredit is game store that will have many games in it as well as first game store that will use cryptocurrency. not only cryptocurrencies, gamecredit will accept payment via credit card and local bank transfer that will be used to buy products in gamecredit or buy another contents like in-game items. gamecredit will be launched at Q2 2017.

MobileGO Development Team :

  • Sergey Sholom, CEO of Datcroft Ltd
  • Maxim Sholom, Development Gamecredits Mobile Store.
  • Vesselin Peev, Lead platform developer for the Gamecredits Mobile
  • Fran Strajnar, Lead Escrow and Founder of Several Companies
  • Nikola Djoke, Chief Technology Officer
  • Rob Wilson, Founder of Bitscan and Incent
  • Bok Khoo, Director and Consultant

You can also participate in this MobileGo project by purchasing this mobileGO token preorder. All things related to mobilego and all the information about the sale of this tokyo kezon I will attach in the link below.

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