Minexcoin – Three Excellent Features to Anticipate


Three Excellent Features to Anticipate from Minexcoin

Minexcoin is a new online payment system that takes pride from its low volatility cryptocurrency ecosystem. Minex ecosystem promises reliable payment as well as retained purchase power due to its stable exchange rate, which makes Minexcoin a good tool to earn profit from exchange rate margin.

Even though its low volatility ecosystem is its best features, Minexcoin has still plenty of features to offer which makes it better compared to other altcoins in the cryptocurrency market nowadays. Let’s find out what those features are.


The first one is coin parking, which actually shares some principles with depositing in the bank. You need to suspend some of the coins temporarily in your wallet for a certain period of time from 1 day to 1 year. The amount of coin you want to park and the parking interval is determined by you.

If you manage to park your coins until the end of the parking interval, you will be rewarded up to 70% per annum. But if you suddenly need to use the coins before the interval ends, you don’t have to worry you will be penalized just like when you deposit your money in the bank. This is because when you park your coins, the coins still belong to you instead of being Minex’s property. You will not get the up to 70% reward, but the good news is, your asset will still intact because all the coins are actually still in your possession.


Minex ecosystem also provides a platform that will allow you to sell and buy any kind of goods online. The goods are even placed in neat categories to make sure you can find everything you need easily. This is an extremely easy and safe way for trading because the platform comes with escrow solution that will ensure trading security for both the sellers and buyers. If you need even more trading convenience, you can also order your own Minexcoin debit card that will enable you to shop online and offline.

Minexcoin Wallet

Wallet is a must in the world of cryptocurrency. This is where you will store all your digital coins as well as checking and controlling every single transaction. You can use Minexcoin wallet to store all your coins, sell them as well as park the coins directly from the wallet. But Minexcoin wallet is more than just that. It is special and more technologically advanced with bigger block size and reduced block time, which make it faster even when compared to Bitcoin wallet.


Source: https://minexcoin.com/

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