Making Mining Easier, easyMINE Offer Their New Token


Yes indeed, the easiest dan fastest way to earn bitcoin or another coin is by mining. But for newbie, surely does not realize its complexity, yet and no as easy as it sound: how to buy the equipments, how to set up (overclocking), and how to use it properly.

The equipments also needs properly configured. This may involve not only determining and applying appropriate settings, but also more radical interventions, such as BIOS flashing. Suitable mining software must be obtained and set up. It must be noted that every currency requires different software and different settings. Once operational, a mining machine has to be monitored and maintained. This includes tweaking its operating parameters, installing updates, and troubleshooting problems. In short, mining practically is the effort of try and error. This is surely wasting your time.

I think this problems become a special segment that want to enter. This Poland-based startup offer you the best and the easy way to manage the crypto mining by using a special operating system. But, remember this software only exist for small to medium mining size only. So, I think this is the best choice for you the newbies who want jump into the pool. Remember, at this point, easyMINE is the only startup want to do create this product.

So, what is the main idea here. As I quotes from their front page, they say:

easyMINE is a complete, self-contained software platform for cryptocurrency mining. It is designed to make the entire process of setting up and managing your own mine as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Whether you’re a complete cryptocoin newbie or a seasoned blockchain veteran, you will appreciate the ease of use, control, and convenience easyMINE offers.

First, let me explaine what is the meaning the term of “self-contained software”. The term came from teh term: Self-contained System or SCS. This an approach is an computing or software architecture that focuses on a separation of the functionality into many independent systems. This making the complete logical system a collaboration of many smaller software systems. This is possible to avoids the problem of large monoliths that grow constantly and eventually become unmaintainable. This approach gain its benefits in many mid-sized and large-scale projects. This approach make logic to the easyMINE operating system, so user easily use it.

As we said at the top, the medium scale mining, it’s does not mean the veteran miner can not use this software at all. For advanced users, seeking complete control over every facet of their mining business, easyMINE’s manual mode will offer a full range of configuration and v. 2.0

Platform Architecture

The easyMINE platform consists of the following elements: easyMINE OS (eMOS),  easyMINE Server, and easyMINE Dashboard.  easyMINE OS (eMOS) is a custom Linux distribution optimized specifically towards cryptocurrency mining. This includes all necessary system components, GPU drivers, pre-installed mining software for a variety of currencies, and an easyMINE script package for hardware management and communication with the easyMINE server. Developed under an open source license.

The easyMINE Server is the main module of the platform. This controls the operation of individual mining machines. easyMINE Dashboard is the administrative module, an online configuration and management interface, accessible via web browser. Enables remote monitoring of and control over mining machines connected to the easyMINE server. This startup has a special graphic designer to make sure the user experience is in the state of art.

easyMINE Tokens (EMT)

To fund the project, easyMINE will issue 33,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT). The tokens will be based on the Ethereum (ETH) platform and managed using existing ETH solutions, such as MyEtherWallet.

The token pool will be divided as follows:

  • Crowdsale participants: 27,000,000 EMT (approx. 81.8%)
  • Pre-ICO buyer bonuses: 2,000,000 EMT (approx. 6.1%)
  • easyMINE development team: 1,500,000 EMT (approx. 4.6%)
  • Project advisors: 500,000 EMT (approx. 1.5%)
  • Bounty program: 1,000,000 EMT (approx. 3.0%)
  • easyMINE Corporation: 1,000,000 EMT (approx. 3.0%)
  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • EasyMINE  Announcement

Tokens will be released to buyers immediately upon purchase. Unsold tokens will be burned. No additional tokens will be created at any point during or after the  sale. Tokens allocated to the development team, project advisors, and easyMINE Corporation will have a 180-day vesting period, after which they will be released to holders at the rate of 0.5% a day.

You may buy the easyMINE tokens (EMT) in their crowdsale in August 24. So prepare your ether, because one EMT will be costed at 0.0007 ETH.



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