Last days to participate on SGG Token Sale and Get Bonuses

SGG Token Sale - StuffGoGo-app

StuffGoGo Ecommerce platform, will end the ICO crowdsale in a days. Built to be decentralized ecommerce platform, StuffGoGo was aimed to connecting both of seller and buyer directly, without middle man, no fees to pay.

SGG token sale was begin since August 12, 2017. At the moment, about 4,028,580 tokens are already sold out. To increase the opportunity, the platform now offering extra bonus program, 10% bonuses for 1-5 ETH participation, 5-10 ETH will get 20% bonus, and up to 10 ETH will able to get 50% bonus. Plus, get 20% as a referral bonus.

SGG platform is also available with auction or classified, and this is as one reason why the platform quite different with another platform. To access the platform, user would be able to download the application.

Inside StuffGoGo application, there is a wallet inside the app, it’s also built for non-crypto user. Two days ago, the platform has release a public demo about alpha version of StuffGoGo application. The app soon will be ready for both Android and iOS.

To adding some features on StuffGoGo application, the team now are still working on the implementation of SGG integration for Magento and WooCommerce. Another news from the platform is, that they also working with Poloniex and Bittrex about listing SGG token.

So, you want to participate on the SGG token sale and get the bonuses? Just visit StuffGoGo webite here, SGG token purchase wizard will makes you easier on how to participate.

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