Kickico – Taking the Advantages from Most Problem in ICO’s Raising Fund as a Platform


The world of “Initial Coin Offerings” (ICOs) has been so crowded. By an article written on The Economist published in April of 2017, said that “early $250m has already been invested in (ICOs), of which $107m alone has flowed in this year”. Economist taken the data from

And yes, it a big…big money around them. ICOs as we already known have been much compared to Initial Public Offering (IPOs) commonly by corporation. Between ICOs and IPOs, both of them were also being used to raise money by selling stakes.

What makes it different is, ICOs not regulated or registered with any government organization, so surely there is no protection for the investor. As time keep goes running, ICOs seem more just like a combination between donation and investment.

When ICOs Firstly Begins

Mastercoin, believed by most cryptocurrency communities to be the first crouwdfunded project. Mastercoin (MSC) was proposed by dacoinminster in July 31, 2013. The project is by creating protocol on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

Dacoinminster assume, that the existing bitcoin network can be used as a protocol layer, without make any changed the basic foundation. At the time, Mastercoin raised money about 5000 BTC, with the price 100 MSC per 1 BTC, they collected the fund into their exodus address.

The next project is NXT, bringing the first fully proof-of-stakes system. NXT created a fresh new cryptocurrency coded from scratch, without forkin the original bitcoin code. Crypto community give a positive appreciation regarding the concept behind the project, and running successful.

And then, Ethereum joining the crowded, and also succeed raising a huge funds.  Basic understanding form the most ICOs project were just like an investment, where the investor / participant will also motivated to gain profit, but sure, they will also dealing with potential risk as well. But while the ICOs crowd bubble, there is also some problem in the whole part of the ecosystem.

ICOs Bubble brings ICOs Problems

As the ICO now getting more popular as a kind of magic tools to raised funds based on blockchain projects, but it also brings so much problem. The problems comes from the founder project, for the investors, for the kickstarter campaign, and also how to deals with tax and law.

ICOs founder project main problems is how to setup the whole environments for the project. So yeah, developers at the team must be working hard to do so, starting from the beginning to build all of the stuff.

For the investor’s main problem is, they have to facing a fraudulent behavior from the most fake project. ICOs mostly supported by early enthusiast, not professional investors. The same conditions for the kickstarter campaign, they have to make a crowd of bad behavior coming from the campaign participant.

If the ICOs founder project was created by large and well-funded companies, of course any hidden costs that associated with the crowdfunding program will be recognized by financial institutions as well. As we all know that the mostly ICOs projects now were dominated by companies, rather than an indie developers.

All of the problems above, has motivated KICKICO, which will help the innovators, game developers, blockchain leader, designer, or entrepreneurs to make the project becomes reality.

KICKICO Solutions

Basically KICKICO is a site that offering an automated and independent ICOs, and the campaigns. The platform was also built on Ethereum, purpose to solve the mostly ICOs problem by creating a single platform to unite the ICOs creator and the campaign to start active, with an up to date community behind them.

KICKICO infrastucture

By using  KICKICO platform, it will only charges 4% for the ICO campaigns, and 4% for the crowdfunding campaign. Unlike what other platform offered, the charges is about 5-10% for the commission fee as the placement, without any mention another 5% will be given to the payment system, and also 10-30% paid by creator as fiat money taxes.

KICKICO will make it easy                           

For a company who not even know about prior technical knowledge, and would like to enter the ICO market and didn’t have their own cryptocurrency token, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore, since KICKICO and the team will handle it.

KickCoin is provided by KICKICO platform, as digital token. KickCoin is an ETH based token on ERC-20 standar, designed to be used by an author’s project for mutual settlements in KICKICO platform. KickCoin then will use to pay for the crowdfunding project launch, for purchasing various attributes, or others internal process needed.

What will makes it interesting is, because the platform will soon build their ecosystem. If a lot project has been used KICKICO platform, then it will create their own communities, and the output is able to create their own market.


That’s why in KICKICO there is a KICKONOMY. If a project launched on the platform, and also has the KICKONOMY banner, it will also accepting KickCoin as the payment. So basically, it KICKONOMY is a market. As more campaigns were also getting involved, so it would make KickCoin more popular.

KICKICO Crowdsale Available

ICO Start       : August 29, 2017, 1:00 PM
Goal               : 70,000 ETH
Price               : 1 ETH = 3,000 KC



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