Jincor Offering Easy Way for Business to Adapt With Crypto World


Finance platform with the blockchain based technology has become a new trend now. In a recent research study by Cambridge University estimated that between 2.9 million and 5.8 million people are using cryptocurrency wallet worldwide in 2017. About the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are more than 100.000 merchants already accepting cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as the payment.

Cryptocurrency and its unit, blockchain technology, and the smart contract has becomes the major infrastructure to developing a new digitalized era. Opening a new opportunities worldwide for the project creators, startup, business, in any sectors including finance and banking.

Jincor companies has also taking a part with their Jincor platform project, will allow any business to work with smart contract and cryptocurrency as the payment without doing self-implement from scratch, no need an advanced technical understanding in blockchain technology, no legal, and cost-efficient.

With the smart contracts as a self-execute code on the blockchain will allow to implement the term of agreement between parties. The result of course, it will useful to clear the transaction between them. Smart contract made the possibility to sign an automatically unbreakable agreement with certain predefined term.

Imagine that there will no more fraud, no more intermediaries to cut the funds as the costs, means that it can save business up to $2700 and $3300 in annual bank account fees. Based on the McKinsey Report in the beginning of 2017, cross-border B2B payment by the blockchain could save businesses for about $50-60 billion by 2021 because it will increase the delivery speed.

Finance segment that based on the blockchain technology might not a new platform anymore, since there are a lots of project before. But for the most crypto based project, there will also bring something new within.

Jincor platform aims to solve for most common problem that becomes the subject in the crypto projects. If we concern on the crypto projects, we might found that sometimes there will be offering as one problem solver to become the main subject in the platform. But Jincor platform, will be acts as the wholesome, secure, compliant, and breezy to use the platform or the product inside.

Inside Jincor platform, is a combination of decentralized application and classic web application that will allow user to create organization database and managing them on the blockchain. To be clearer about this, that user need no technical insight to do it. For the overall structure design platform, Jincor provides all the functionality, including instrument needed to doing businesses, and pay the bills with the cryptocurrency, by using smart contract template that also provided by the platform.

For the companies, will able to use companies module inside the Jincor platform. Companies module by the platform is a web microservice, including the organizations profiles, any information regarding the department, and also list of its participants. When companies running the module, it will allow to manage, create sub-organization, sending invitation to the employees, defining the functional role inside the organization.

To define accuracy for each organization inside the platform, Jincor use a unique ID, URL, profile, and one or several crypto accounts. Combining with the intuitive and user friendly interface about the module, user will be satisfied to use or search it.

Then what is the user able to do within the platform exactly? As it’s mentioned above, the platform will trying to be a global finance platform, and allow individual or the companies to starting crypto based company. By decentralized apps powered by smart contracts, the platform will provide several application, such as regular payments, partner programs, signed transactions, and also business to business commerce.

To complete the feature, Jincor will also using an Arbitrage system. Arbitrage will be useful when the contract execution not clearly define enough, and minimizing the parties’ agreement drown to a dispute. The arbitrage system will let the participants to resolve arising disputes.

Within Jincor platform, there is also a decentralized applications module that allow to create enterprise and for individual cryptocurrency wallets. To increase the wallet security, it is also possible to create multisig wallet.

Another decentralized application module inside the Jincor platform is E-documents module. E-documents module here is a decentralized application which is embedded in Jincor messenger interface. So it will allow user to store, send and also sign it with digital signature for most of all kind of electronic documents.

Jincor Token Crowdsale Detail

Token Name: Jincor token
Token Symbol: JCR
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply: 35,000,000 JCR
Token Sale Start: November 15, 2017
Token Sale End: December 30, 2017
Hardcap: 26,000,000 USD
Price: 1 JCR = $1                                                                


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