INS Platform ICO : Overview, bounty, referral campaign.

Disclaimer – I’m not trying to make a typical boring promotional post, I’ll make it as brief as I can, tell a little about the project and even suggest you to use my own ref. link, leaving you to judge all the information below and study our website (

INS Ecosystem is a pretty ambitious project, trying to revolutionize a sizeable fraction of the ever-growing grocery market by changing the current predominant scheme on it from Manufacturer – Retailer – Consumer , to Manufacturer – INS Ecosystem – Consumer , basicially connecting them directly with minimal transactional costs on best terms for both parties!

The team working on the project has years of experience on this market, their previous work – instamart, is a fully-functioning business that is developing at its own pace, to everyone’s satisfaction. Their experience is joined with that of a whole bunch of respected advisors and backed up by their good relations with several major manufacturers (several agreements are already in place, you can see the list of partners on the site too ).


I openly admit working with the team, this ,however, isn’t an official paid AD. I think that ,with all honesty, the project is ambitious, but has a very high long-term potential (expected to capture up to 15-20% of online grocery market within a few years! and the market itself is expanding rapidly).
Can’t comment on the price of the tokens, but they’ll be usable as an integral part of the platform that will be launched in several major cities(refer to the Roadmap), tradable on exchanges as well. For long-term investors profitability should be a foregone conclusion. Would not advise for speculative purposes though (Enter early, collect bonuses, sell asap). It’s unpredictable with this one!

We have a bounty program, you can learn about that here , 500 000$ worth of tokens for typical tasks. Quite interesting if you ask me. With the ICO being almost a month away, there is still plenty of bounty to go around and earn yourself some free INS tokens.

As for the referral link, which ,by the way, you’re welcome to generate for yourself in your profile, here is a post about it!
Boils down to :
Referral link owner earns 5% of his referrals purchases.
The referral simply gets a 1% bonus on all purchases throughout the ICO.


You may read about everything in detail in our whitepaper, available on the official site –


Join our telegram @ins_ecosystem
Or contact me via for any questions.

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