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In a recent conference held in Singapore, Jeffrey Seah the advisory board of by Gravity4, said that digital ad fraud is expected to cost brands US$16.4 billion globally this year. He added the advertisement industry needs to find a solution, before the perception of advertising changes forever. Blockchain, as such, can establish transparency and trust by implementing a central and secure way to record, review and execute every deal, creating a better ecosystem for both publishers and consumers, Seah said, adding, “While it will not solve everything, it will take ad fraud head on.”

With blockchain in advertisement industry, we will see two main aspects. Firstly, every member of the supply chain will be operating with the same information. This transparency and clear audit of interactions and metrics would mean that the conversation between clients and ad providers will centre on outcome-based ROI, not around ROI-surrogate outputs (or doubt and blame). Secondly, blockchain might just reduce ad fraud and enhance data value for the industry, if the industry joins hand for the bigger good. As such better alignment is needed.

While many blockchain-based companies seek opportunity in web-based advertisement system, iBuildApp Network see there is a chance to change the existing mobile advertising. The goal is to make it secure, transparent and beneficial for all the parties involved in the process, mobile users included.

With blockchain inside the iBuildApp Network, people like you could alleviate the issue of ad fraud by linking up users directly with advertisers and recording all interactions in a immutable and transparent manner.

The blockchain also enable advertisers only pay for real views, clicks, sign ups, and other conversion-related actions. For example those things, as impressions in encrypted and broadcasted to all member of the blockchain, who can then approve them. This ensures transparency and helps to identify fraudelent activity in real time when it occurs.

iBuildApp itself is mobile app generator, hosting and management platform since 2011. This service allow user to create app for Android and iOS fast and easy. There are over 45MB dowbloads of apps created by over 2,5 milion business and developers. There are been over 3 million apps built and over 150 thousand apps published on app stores and monthly visitor on mobile exceed 2,5 million. iBuildApp has been named as one of the 5 Best App-Building Programs by Complex.com and featured on cnet, Wired, PCMagazine and others mainstream media.

The iBuildApp Network combined the users base of the iBuildApp, to have the ad content on it. This not just as incentive entity, but also making unique economics values among participants.

Its token, called IBA is a utility token that fuels the iBuildApp Network. This includes mobile advertising network and marketplace of user generated content built. Built in Ethereum platform, iBuildApp Network is not depending on the price of bitcoin and ether price. The value of iBuildApp Network is dependent on the number of transaction in the network and how much demand is created the platform, like usefull application used by users and corporate.

You will able participating in the second round of IBA token sale in October 192017  and run until December 19, 2017. Token sale will be closed in 48 hours once soft cap in US$10 million reached. The minimum contribution is 0.00001 ETH.

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