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iBuildApp Network-Platform

iBuildApp startup, was firstly founded in 2010, located in Burlingame, California. iBuildApp was develops an app to build and also managing mobile application platform on Android, iPhone, or iPad. When they launching in 2011, there have been over 45 million downloads of application already, created by over 2,500,000 business and developers.

Total application had built are over 3 million, and 150,000 apps are published on app store with the monthly mobile visitor exceed 2.5 million. iBuildApp itself, has raised about $1.1 million in 3 rounds, with the latest round in 2014. At the time, their primary investor was Starta Capital, that investing about $200,000 with individual investor, Nikolay Belykh.

As the result, iBuildApp has named as one of the 5 best app-building program by Complex.com. In 2015 they listed in Edison Awards, finalist on Mobitech Festival in 2011, one of the top ten vator splash in February 2011 by vator.tv.
And now, iBuildApp is creating ICO project with their mobile advertising platform. Why mobile? Of course, because their having a lot experienced on how to develops a good quality apps, plus mobile segment are about dominating the market, trying to replace PC domination since 20 years ago.

For the ICO project, iBuildApp is represent iBuildApp Network – a blockchain based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry. The platform introduce a decentralized mobile marketplace, and also mobile advertising platform.

What makes the ICO project powerful is, because iBuildApp Network will be using the existing mobile app building and hosting platform built with iBuildApp. So it will possible to reach 45 million user on mobile and 2.5 million business and developers inside the platform.

By iBuildApp Network, advertisers are able to buy apps just like buying TV. There is a score for each apps desirability for the advertisers. The scored itself will be based on some factors such as the reach and conversion rates.
Based on the platform design, iBuildApp Network will connected four major element in their ecosystem, developers, advertisers, publishers, and also the users. If iBuildApp Market will allowing anyone to create and selling content, then iBuildApp adNetwork will improve the mobile advertising by providing a clear and secure way to monetize the mobile app content.

To be able to transact inside the platform, it will be handled by the token. By the blockchain technology, it also able to set on such licensed agreement, giving licensed payout based on number active product users, licensed payout based on the number of the resources used. All of the payment in the whole ecosystem will be using the token itself, IBA token.

With the whole design platform and who’s created the ICO project, we might see the ICO will going to succeed. The platform create total 100 million IBA token for the crowdsale. The official token sale will start on October 9, 2017 until November 25, 2017.

iBuildApp Crowdsale Detail

Token Name: ibuildApp
Token Symbol: IBA
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Token Supply: 100,000,000 IBA
Pre-sale Start: September 25, 2017
Crowdsale Start: October 9, 2017
Crowdsale End: November 25, 2017
Token Price: 1 IBA = 0.00263 ETH


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