HydroMiner – Green Mining, Eco-friendly and profitable

Mining is require a lot of money, especially for the electricity cost plus the hardwares. For bitcoin home-scale mining in 2017 we believe is not profitable anymore. Even corporate-scale mining could jump to failure, determined by the 12,5 BTC block half-reward. And it will be halved again in 2020. So, just let the big corporation or startup do for mining, not as personal, event you realize other cryptocurrency mining is cheaper than bitcoin does. If you have big bucks, it is a different story.

The biggest mining farm in the world is still in China, not only because they have the mining hardware industry, but also the electricity cost only 4 cent USD per KW/h.This cheap rate is because Chinese Government rely on the hydroelectricity technology. This mean the the technology is friendly to our environment and main the good technology.

According to worldwatch.org, China is the largest hydropower producer and is expected to continue to lead global hydro use in the coming years. The country produced 721 terawatt-hours in 2010, representing around 17 percent of domestic electricity use. China also had the highest installed hydropower capacity, with 213 gigawatts (GW) at the end of 2010. It added more hydro capacity than any other country, 16 GW in 2010, and plans to add 140 GW by 2015. This is equivalent to building about seven more dams the size of China’s Three Gorges Dam, currently the largest in the world.

Hydropower is produced in at least 150 countries but is concentrated in just a few countries and regions. The Asia-Pacific region generated roughly 32 percent of global hydropower in 2010. Africa produces the least hydropower, accounting for 3 percent of the world total, but is considered the region with the greatest potential for increased production.
In 2008, four countries—Albania, Bhutan, Lesotho, and Paraguay—generated all their electricity from hydropower, and 15 countries generated at least 90 percent of their electricity from hydro. Iceland, New Zealand, and Norway produce the most hydropower per capita.

Global use of hydropower increased more than 5 percent between 2009 and 2010, according to new research published by the Worldwatch Institute for its Vital Signs Online publication. Hydropower use reached a record 3,427 terawatt-hours, or about 16.1 percent of global electricity consumption, by the end of 2010, continuing the rapid rate of increase experienced between 2003 and 2009.

The cost of hydropower is relatively low, making it a competitive source of renewable electricity. The average cost of electricity from a hydro plant larger than 10 megawatts is 3 to 5U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour. Hydropower is also a flexible source of electricity since plants can be ramped up and down very quickly to adapt to changing energy demands. Yet there are many negative aspects associated with hydropower: for example, damming interrupts the flow of rivers and can harm local ecosystems, and building large dams and reservoirs often involves displacing people and wildlife and requires significant amounts of carbon-intensive cement.

This is where HydroMiner stand over. This Austria-based mining startup want to raise fund from the public to scale up their own hydropower. HydroMinerclaim their cost of electricity is currently 85% lower than the average in Europe. The average cost of electricity in Europe is 6 cent USD. With HydroMiner claim, it will be 5 cent USD. Looks like one digit cheaper, but this is worth in a large unit of account.
HydroMiner’s pricing structure is based on available power that can be used for mining. HydroMiner will ensure that the energy is used most efficiently for the largest mining gains. With the investment, the ICO participant pays for the hardware and setup for a specific number of watts and then receives profit payouts corresponding to the number of watts purchased.

In the ICO, the price of one H2O token is based on the cost of equipment for a single watt and the payout is based on the net profits earned for that watt.
You interested for the investment, the minimum investment for the Pre-Sale with 25% bonus is 50 ETH. But on the first level of the ICO you still get 20% bonus with no minimum investment. So, you can wait until the token sale in October 18th.

Company name : Hydrominer
Webste : Hydrominer.org
White Paper : Will be updated
Twitter : @hydro_miner
ANN : Bitcointalk.org

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