Hash Rush – Real Time Strategy Games with Crypto Mining Inside


The idea of Hash Rush, a real time strategy games has start since 2016 in Latvia. It was coming from Kritaps Vaivods, ETHInvest owner and also the team in Hash Rush that has been interested in building cryptocurrency mining rig and cryptocrrency investment since 2013.

In the Hash Rush team, each individual the team member were consist of their own each expertise. For each of them are expertise on the game production, design & front-end development, the cryptocurrency mining farm ecosystem, smart contract development, and also PR & marketing.

Hash Rush platform set up a futuristic Hermeian solar system that allow it’s users to build their own mining colony by using Rush Coin (RC) based on ERC20 standard token. With the token, users will be able to take a part in the cryptocurrency mining inside the games.

About the game development was lead by Rafal Nowocien and TractorSetGo, a game designer who also known for co-produced the original Witcher series. So on the Hash Rush, Rafal and the TractorSetGo are take the part for creating the game character inside the entire hash Rush.

Cloud Mining Integeration

We might be wondering how the platform was able doing two different part, between real time strategy games and the cryptocurrency cloud mining ecosystem inside. But from what the platform tells on the whitepaper, Kristaps has created the cryptocurrency mining rig since 2013. But since we understand the cloud mining, then the possibility to integrate the real time strategy games with the mining was by setting up pools into the real hash power.

It was ETHInvest company known that will be responsible for the large part of the cryptocurrency mining. The company created a cryptocurrency mining pool to provide the mineable cryptocurrencies.

Because the platform is backed by real-life hash power, so at the beginning of the games, user could only mine for ETH, but users will allow to upgrading units, equipment, facilities, by finishing the games mission and goals. The players are also able to discovering the new minable cryptocurrencies such as XMR, ETC, Zcash and others. Based on the project roadmap, in Q1 2018 the platform will build a HashRush mining pool, so the third party miners are able to distribute their hashing power to the players on the platform.

In Hash Rush RTS platform, to be able to mine cryptocurrency, players should have the basic resources by built camp and a miner. And in every faction will contains three standard units to mine, Miners, Engineers, and Construction engineers. Each of the facilities/building are available to upgrade to increase their performance.

What the players must to know about the mining camps is they were invincible. At the beginning of the game, the set of buildings and camp will be sufficient for the players to start mining, but the first set will be given for free. So the players have to explore the new territories, to establish new camps to gain more resources.

Hash Rush Token Crowdsale Detail                          

Token Name: Hash Rush token
Token Symbol: RC
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply: 70 million
Crowdsale Start: September 13, 2017
Crowdsale End: October 13, 2017
Price: 1 ETH = 1000 RC


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