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In nature or in philosophical context, human is defined as an animal symbolicum. This term proposed by a German philosopher, Ernst Cassirer. Rather than human as animal rationale, proposed by Aristotle, Cassirer said human characteristic is not in his metaphysical or physical nature, but rather in his work. Humanity has to be known through the analysis of the symbolic. On this principle, we can understand human nature by exploring symbolic forms in all aspects of a human being’s experience. This thing creating our history.

In simple term, human love visual things rather than text. Photographics, infographics and videos mostly like by human, because the message is easier to understand. This would be creating an effective communication and best mutual understanding between participant

In our Internet-society times, we have a procumers activity, where people can be content producer and consumer in one way. In this case everybody love Youtube or video in Instagram. Millions of likes in them and million of dollars to the platform’s owner by advertising-centric

So, what if we can generate a platform so we can control our video by ourselves, rather than depend on a centralized video distribution? In this idea we have to put the peer-to-peer system and add token as an incentive among the members.

Flixxo has an effort in this idea. Flixxo is a decentralized network for content distribution, based in Bittorrent protocol. Instead of leaning on high infrastructural costs in bandwidth and storage space like other video platform such as Netflix or Youtube, Flixxo gets rid of centralized servers, by incentivizing its users to actively become distributors (or seeders), rewarding them on Flixx token.

On Flixxo, every author or video publisher upload his work to the network and chooses the revenue model: how much Flixx it would cost to watch his content and which percentage of its earnings will be shared with the distributors. The more they share, the more incentives for the network to distribute and make a video goes viral.

If a user ran out of credits, he can also give some seconds of his attention to sponsored content in exchange of Flixx. This structure creates an organic market, as advertisers need to by Flixx from content creators in order to showcase their sponsored content.

A social economy value

With Flixxo you can watch the content you want to watch, keep it on your device and earn Flixx by sharing and earn even more Flixx when you watch sponsored content. Use your Flixx to reward the producers you follow, encouraging them to create more awesome content. Or keep your Flixx in your wallet and use them to buy a movie ticket, a pair of shoes from an online retailer, a chest of coins in your favorite game or even convert them to old-fashioned cash or up-and-coming digital assets, like Bitcoin.

The Token sale

There are 1,000,000,000 Flixx tokens are issued. There will never be another Flixx issuance. 300,000,000 Flixx to be sold on token sale. 100,000,000 Flixx to be held by Flixxo team vested on a two years period. 100,000,000 Flixx to cover bounty program, partnerships and costs of Token Sale Event. 500,000,000 Flixx vested over 10 years on an incentive program to track users and authors into the platform.

More information

Company name : Flixxo
Official website : http://flixxo.com
White paper : English
Twitter : @flixxo
Telegram : English
Bitcointalk :  Announcements


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