EXSCUDO – Reached more than 4 Million Dollars for ICO Crowsale

ICO Crowdsale in 2017 seems to be intensively conducted by the developers. There are so many ICO Crowdsale in 2017. A variety of projects with their flagship product continue to emerge. One of them is Exscudo.

Exscudo ICO Crowdsale

Exscudo who started his ICO Crowdsale on April 25, 2017 is quite a success. With various advantages offered by developers Exscudo able to raise funds so great. Here are the revenues from ICO Crowdsale May 29, 2017.

Total Funds Collected: 1,865 BTC / 4,070,512 USD. You can check the total fund collected right here, at exscudo.com/ico.

More than 4 million dollars were collected in less than a month. What a remarkable achievement of the exscudo team. This value will continue to grow until ICO Crowdsale ends on May 31, 2017.

The results obtained excudo at this time can not be separated from what they promised to investors. Exscudo has some of their excellent products that could attract new investors to come and join the Exscudo’s ICO Crowdsale.

The Great Things About Exscudo

One of the success factors from the fundraising so far is about inseparable from Exscudo’s advantage. The developers said that the exscudo was safe, fast and decentralized.

“Next-generation financial system be like. Fast, Stable, Reliable and Open compatible for third-party sources and first of all secure. Thats why we have taken the best practices from a centralized and decentralized aproaches. Excudo Combine these solutions .. ” Alex Sitnikov, CTO and Founder of Exscudo.

“The cryptocurrencies are changing the world right now. The crypto solves the problems of trust and security. And Exscudo solves the problems of accessibility, transparency and sustainability of the financial market. This is your personal access to the financial world “- explains Andrew Zimine, CEO of Exscudo.

There are several excellent products that are elements of this Exscudo project, which are:

  1. Exscudo Exchange
  2. Charts
  3. Channel Apps
  4. Trading Terminals
  5. EON Blockchain
  6. Merchants
  7. Cards

Furthermore, the Exscudo development move is to prepare a future plan that will be taken to increase and expand the network. And here is some of the plans:

  1. Establishment of a decentralized EON network.
  2. Extending the products ecosystem into the second stage.
  3. Extending ecosystem into the 3rd stage.
  4. Certification of the company as a financial institution in accordance with international standards.
  5. General marketing and product launches.

The above plan will be realized if ICO Crowdsale Exscudo can obtain 1000 – 3500 BTC fund. And now ICO Crowdsale Exscudo has more than 1000 BTC which means this plan will be taken by the exscudo’s developers.

Source: exscudo.com/ico

Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1781624.0

Facebook : facebook.com/exscudo

Twitter: twitter.com/ex_scudo

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