Earth Token by ImpactChoice Ready to Launch Crowdsale

Earth Token

ImpactChoice, an innovative provider of end-to-end environmental sustainability solutions, now creating new project on Earth Token (EARTH). The company has an expertise in environmental sustainability, technology, IT, engineering, and logistics to create innovative sustainability solution, since their early founded in 2009.

With their new project on Earth Token, will providing an environmental mitigation auditing software. The project also have developing Natural Asset Exchange based on the blockchain technology. In April 2017, the companies launched the latest version of climate asset management and trading platform.

By the Natural Asset Exchange, it will provides a unique opportunity to truly transform the capital asset market by creating Natural Asset Marketplace that allows the stakeholders to participate. Stakeholders in this project will be able to package assets with the value added services to create customized offering into the new market segment, so it would create the possibility to expanding the overall market and creating additional wealth for participants.

Right now, Natural Capital Asset was an untapped and undervalued market, with the market worth estimations about $120 trillion. Unfortunately, till now there is no transparent mechanism to be able to connecting producers of the Natural Assets with the buyers and its consumers. Natural Asset Exchange will have the possibility to unlock the undervalued assets such, made an opportunities for the natural assets providers to also list their projects, such as waste to energy projects, solar, windfarm, Carbon sequestration, avoided emission, small scale hydro. Using Natural Capital Asset inside the platform will also allowing carbon credits, RECs and metered output to listed on a decentralized platform.

With their year’s expertise on creating environmental sustainability solution combining with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the project seems to have a great future. So far, blockchain technology has already transform any fintech and companies to moving fast the future, providing an effective application that able to establishing trust, accountability and also bring full transparency.

Talks to blockchaindailynews, Leonard Harley, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ImpactChoice said, “From the outset, we realized that if we were going to make any significant impact on preserving and protecting the earth for future generations we would have to reduce the financial burden of Environmental Sustainability initiatives by tying efforts to real business outcomes and spreading the load across all stakeholders and incentivizing all to participate.”

Earth Token will use as the underpinning store of value and settlement mechanism of the natural asset exchange. Since the platform was a blockchain based platform and the token created with Ethereum based ERC20 by smart contracts, the project made the trading of Natural Assets fully transparent.

For the consumers, the project was also has facilitated with handy and user friendly applications, accessible on multiple device and operating systems such as desktop browser, Mobile iOS, Android, and others.

Earth Token Crowdsale Detail

Token Name: EARTH token
Token Symbol: EARTH
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Pre-sale: November 17, 2017
Token Sale Start: November 24, 2017
Token Sale End: 21 days
Total Supply: 1 Billion EARTH
Funding Currency: ETH & BTC
Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH / 0.0625 BTC                                           


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