DOVU Platform – The First Digital Economy for Mobility Sector

DOVU Platform

“The transport sector knows where it wants to go with real time data and smart technology but doesn’t know how to get there! DOVU is the missing piece of the puzzle – an on-ramp for fast, secure and global data sharing for everybody.” – DOVU

DOVU project introduce a transportation protocol to accelerate the development of mobility-related decentralised applications. Recently, mobility sectors was lack of innovations, because there is a lot of limitations as a side of the market inefficiencies. As an individual, there is no reward to contribute into the ecosystem.  And this is the main purposed from DOVU platform.

DOVU Platform Design

By using DOVU platform, it will create its ecosystem, with data as the main aspect that will enabling the whole ecosystems. All people able to contribute in the ecosystem, by creating data, sharing and distribute the data globally.

The fact is, we might never been known about it at all, just imagine, if we usually drive our car but we never understand that we never control our driving data itself. Now let’s consider that we will get paid from driving our car? Yes it’s possible. DOVU platform will made individual, or organisation, or even corporate, will be fairly rewarded for the contribution. At DOVU platform, it is called Circular Economy.

DOVU Mobility Circular Economy

The whole ecosystem of DOVU platform will create its economy. By using the blockchain technology, it makes the possibility comes true. Blockchain will be able to verify the data value to be contributed independently.

Smart-contract than going to use to record the data, saving it into the DOVU ledger. So the user or the contributor will be allow to managing their own data. What do we see here is about how the blockchain based platforms, are also able to handling the properties.

DOVU platform based on the blockchain technology here, will becomes valuable. Since, it will transform about how data could be seen as an economy, especially for the mobility sector that focussed on the transportation. Another views why the project would be valuable, because DOVU will be pioneer to a digital economy in mobility sector.

Mobility Potential Market

Basically, data is a valuable things, data able to transforming the world, and also non-borderless. In fact, some companies restrict the flow, because they already know how valuable it is.

According to a research in 2016 for data transport systems Catapult by Integrated Transport Planning Ltd, said that Intelligent Mobility is a sector of the wider transport industry, and it also predicted would be worth around £900 billion a year by 2025. The main reason is because the transport industry will be confronted with ever vaster amount of data in the coming years by develops on such as Internet of Things to expand the volume of data related to transport and mobility.

Another important point from the research report is, there will be some services that might emerge in the next 10 years, and all of them will be divided into three stages:

2014-2017: will be a better integration of existing transport systems by using sources of data that already exist, so that will also becoming an increasingly open or available at low-cost.

2018-2021: Optimization across multiple transport network through exploitation of archived data collected in real-time, to which predictive analytics applied.

2022-2024: new form of on-demand mobility for people and things requiring real-time data-sharing and interpretation, technological innovation, and also legislative/public attitude shift.

After seeing this report, we might assumed that by using DOVU platform, it will reaching all the predictions above. No wonder why DOVU project having a big support coming from several companies. In April 2017, DOVU has received fund form InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s investment arm, and also Creative England that backed by the UK Government.

Dovu Token Detail:



Token Name: DOV Token
Token Symbol: DOV
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Token Supply: 1,200,000,000 DOV
Pre-Sale Start: September 4, 2017
Pre-Sale End: September 29, 2017
Crowdsale Start: October 3, 2017
Crowdsale End: October 31, 2017
Token Price: will set on by September 3, 2017


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