Blockchain Technology is about to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology is a game-changer. This technological revolution has the potential to disrupt businesses across a variety of industries, but it won’t stop there. Blockchain technology could disrupt the very way in which businesses are started, financed and grown.

The healthcare industry seems to be on the verge of undergoing its digital disruption, but this has seemed to be the case for a while. This is a shame, because few industries are in need of technological disruption like healthcare. Even contemporary technologies are dated; treatment regimes are not sufficiently effective; business to business and business to consumer transactions provide poor user experiences and, despite our move into an on-demand economy, scheduling an appointment is difficult and inflexible.

Why Does the Healthcare Need Blockchain?

The potential implementations of blockchain in healthcare are many and varied. Blockchain technology will allow pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to save patients’ time, and improve outcomes. Furthermore, blockchain technology could facilitate the exchange of structured medical and financial information, simplify data flow, improve patient experiences, increase the ability of healthcare providers to deliver cost-effective care, and ensure higher efficiency of treatment.

Understandably, more and more companies in the field are becoming interested in this innovative technology – one of these is the international blockchain-based project named Doctor Smart. The Doctor Smart platform is already launched in beta version. In mid 2018 it will be underpinned by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Pavel Roytberg, a Co-Founder of Doctor Smart, says:

We have created a new digital environment for healthcare and wellness services. An environment which is genuinely accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. We give clients 24/7 access to quality specialists from all over the world at an affordable price. Facilitated by smart contracts, the platform will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, poor medical care and double insurance standards.”

Doctor Smart’s integrated ecosystem will provide instant access to consultations with certified specialists from all over the world, including nutritionists, sport and fitness experts, psychologists and doctors. Two important features which protect the quality of care provided within the ecosystem are: its automated system for checking the quality of experts’ recommendations and a specialist rating system.

“Doctor Smart will dismantle the current geographical and economic barriers to quality healthcare. We’re now devoting our attention to both the opening of new blockchain-based clinics and remote consulting in various areas of healthcare”, Pavel Roytberg adds.

Doctor Smart is conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) which begins with a closed pre-sale (17.04 – 15.05.2018). A public token sale will be held from May 16, 2018 to July 30, 2018.

Details of the Token Sale

Hardcap: $50 m
Softcap: $5 m
Basic exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 DSTT
Min. contribution: 0.1 ETH
Payment accepted in: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC.

Discounts available to the participants of the closed presale will be discussed individually. “Early bird” participants and large investors of the public sale will be offered the following special discounts and bonuses:

Discounts for “early birds”:

May 16 to 24 – 20%
May 25 to 31 – 15%
June 1 to 7 – 10%
June 8 to 15 – 5%
After June 16 – 0%

Token Distribution

It is important for Doctor Smart’s community to understand how the funds raised will be used. Doctor Smart plans to allocate the funds to marketing and sales (50%), software development (30%), reserves (10%), legal services (5%) and administrative expenses (5%).

Blockchain – the Future of Medicine

In the near future, IoT devices will be able to skim patients’ data (pulse, pressure, temperature, etc.) and automatically update a user’s medical records in real time. Data will be transmitted every second, 24/7. Thanks to such apps doctors will know the exact time, for example, when a person’s temperature has risen or headaches have begun. Thus, diagnostic processes will be more accurate and transparent, and specialists will be better informed when prescribing treatment.


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