Distributed Credit Chain, DCC Finance

Distributed Credit Chain ( DCC ) An underlying public chain that deploys blockchain technology to construct distributed bank systems

DCC Finance is a platform that aims to change the current credit industry conditions by utilizing blockchain technology. The platform creates the world’s first distributed public banking blockchain, to facilitate the development of a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers in different parts of the world. DCC Finance will transform the traditional banking system into a distributed banking system; this effort is made to realize efficiency and eliminate the monopoly that has long been done by conventional financial institutions.

Thanks to the presence of DCC Finance, users from around the world can now provide their financial services securely and straightforwardly. The team’s expectations behind the project are to encourage the creation of many virtual Banks Distributed. DCC Finance will become an ecosystem with a variety of financial services. The vision of the DCC Finance platform is to use blockchain technology for wealth management, debt registration, asset transactions, and credit reporting.

DCC Finance was created to solve the main problems that exist in the credit system today. The existing financial industry still adheres to a centralized system. Across the world, local financial institutions perform a hidden monopoly when lending to consumer and business needs. People, small and medium-sized businesses have been in unfavorable credit conditions.

The centralized credit model has made many financial institutions greedy in taking profits and deviating from their primary goal. Financial institutions burden borrowers at an additional cost, on the other hand, they reduce the benefits of lenders. It is evident if this condition should be changed immediately. DCC Finance also sees existing credit systems inefficient and resource-intensive. Much effort and time are wasted when verifying borrowers’ credit failing to meet institutional risk criteria.

With this background, DCC Finance comes up with innovative solutions. The primary purpose of the DCC Finance platform is to eliminate the monopoly done by traditional financial institutions, using blockchain technology. It creates a globally distributed banking ecosystem, providing incentives to all those who help grow and participate in the ecosystem.

All users and financial service providers will regain a share of ecosystem revenues. In the end, the distributed banking system initiated by DCC Finance will create an inclusive financial system. The platform offers financial services that benefit everyone around the world.

Blockchain-based distributed banking created by DCC Finance will embrace a peer to peer business model, which contains decentralized values. The peer to peer business model replaces the corporate model that has been used in traditional financial services. The DCC Finance Platform allows everyone to participate, from across sectors, accounts, subjects, and without borders.

In the business sector, the DCC Finance platform is changing the way a person looks at the assets, debt, and business structure of traditional banking intermediaries. DCC Finance will help improve overall business efficiency and establish distributed standards for businesses. The platform also changes the management structure of a tree that has long been used in traditional banking, into a flat structure in doing business.

DCC Finance utilizes blockchain technology to comply with government regulations. The blockchain is used to store all records, which ensures anyone cannot change data. This allows the regulator to see the underlying assets in real time. Also, regulators can also work with large data analysis agencies to respond and understand industry risks more quickly.

DCC Finance can be used in a variety of financial services, among which are already available consumer loans, mortgage claim registration, loan registration services, token loan services, consumption installments, the distribution of ABS assets, credit card blockchain, and the rest will come soon.

Users who want to apply for a borrowing must first create a blockchain account. Then it will pass solvency inspection and identification procedures, this is only done once and applies to all. Creditors who provide loan funds can form their terms. With the help of smart contracts, loan agreements will be automated by fintech application developers. DCC Finance also involves Data Service Providers, Credit History Feedback, Risk Insurance Institutions, and Algorithms & Calculator Service Providers.

Dcc Finance is supported by several strategic partners such as University of Oxford, Data, Juzix, Blue Token, Plug And Play, and many more. The platform will also work with several popular crypto exchange exchanges such as KuCoin, Fcoin, Bibox, and Dex.top.

ICO DCC Finance

The platform publishes an ERC-20 standard token that serves to connect all participants, the DCC Token. ICO token DCC starts on 28 May – 28 June 2018. DCC Fintech accepts token purchases using ETH, and BNB. 1 DCC token sells for 0,000073 ETH.

The DCC token sale has successfully concluded! TOTAL RAISED $49M  !

DCC Finance Conclusio:

DCC Finance is currently developing the world’s first public banking blockchain. This technology will be used to create a decentralized ecosystem for global financial service providers. The critical benefit of platform presence is to eliminate the monopoly that traditional financial institutions do today and create real inclusive finance.

Innovative solutions provided by DCC Finance have gained the attention of many investors. Some of the investors who support the DCC Finance project with deep resources and capital come from the founders of top-tier fintech companies, anonymous investors who are top internet company CEOs or leaders of public companies.

In the DCC Finance Telegram group, he already has 47,100 members joining. Through the Facebook page, this project received good responses from many people. No wonder the DCC Finance ICO has been successfully held.



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