DENT Coin’s Latest Roadmap – Aims To Be #3 Cryptocurrency By Number Of Users

DENT released their latest roadmap on August 15, 2018.  Their aim is to be the 3rd most popular cryptocurrency by number of users after Bitcoin and Ethereum by Q2 2019 with 15 milion users in 70 countries and over 125 cellphone operators.

DENT Wireless token (Ticker Symbol – DENT) is a currency for buying and selling mobile data worldwide. It’s an ERC20 token, created on the Ethereum blockchain to reduces the effort of designing a decentralized system from scratch, while smart contracts provide a trustworthy, fraud-proof way of defining the mobile data packages as well as the process of buying and selling them.

As of today, DENT operates in 21 countries with 3.5 million DENT app users.  By the end of 2018, DENT’s goal is to be in 36 countries with over 7 million DENT app users.

More information about their roadmap can be found on their website:


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