a transparent, smart contract based sports betting platform and online casino

Coronado, Panama ( token crowdfund launched on September 23, 2017. Over $14,000,000 US raised in the form of Ethereum., a provably fair blockchain-based online sports betting and casino platform, aims to create a life-long passive-income stream for token holders by returning to them 100% of the ongoing casino profits.

A total of 250,000,000 DBETs will be available for distribution during the crowdsale, which will end after 28 days or as soon as all tokens are sold. The crowdsale token price is $0.125 and will occur over four rounds with the first three serving as bonus rounds. To encourage early participation, the first round will provide a 20% bonus ($0.10), 10% bonus round 2 ($0.1125), and 5% bonus round 3 ($0.11875). The fourth round, week 4, will be priced at ($0.125). At the end of the crowdsale, if any tokens remain, they will be burned.

“Sound financial stewardship is always critical,” said Jedidiah Taylor, Found and CEO of

“But for a blockchain company that is returning 100% of our profits to our token holders, it’s mission-critical that we walk the talk.” Towards that, has published a detailed report of token distribution in their whitepaper (

“We believe in transparency,” said Chris Hensley, VP of Marketing for “The 250,000,000 DBETS available for the crowdsale represent 70% of the total supply of 357,142,850. The remaining 30% will be minted at the end of the crowdsale. Of those, 18% are time-locked by smart contract as the founder’s share. These funds will not be withdrawable for one year. This incentivizes the team to develop the platform and remain motivated to grow token value at a steady rate.”

Of the remaining tokens, 10% are time-locked by smart contract and can be used only to establish the house and 2% will be used for bounties.
Funders can participate in the crowdsale using Ethereum.

Citizens and residents of the United States, Iran, N. Korea, Syria or any other country in which our services would be illegal are not allowed to participate. It is your responsibility to research and investigate the laws applicable to your jurisdiction; however we reserve the right to make our own determinations on your eligibility to use our services.

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