The Deal Coin – Decentralized P2P Lending Platform That Makes Businesses Accessible Capital From Global Financial Markets

The Deal Coin is an Ethereum blockchain based platform that becomes the next generation of decentralized P2P lending services. We Fund Any Deal is a company with an established business that initiated the Deal Coin platform. Deal Coin was created as a peer to peer lending platform that connects global investors and business people. This platform offers a maximum return to investors and helps businesses to realize savings in a more natural and faster way. By working together, Deal Coin believes that investors and business people can benefit from each other.

We Fund Any Deal is a company organized by FCA and introduced in 2015. The team behind Deal Coin will revitalize the peer to peer lending market, combining blockchain technology expertise and years of experience in the financial sector. We Fund Any Deal has invested most of their time and money to develop Deal Coin.

Michael Morrison is CEO of the Deal Coin platform, which has been working with SME businesses for over 25 years. He also serves as Senior Director at Blue Chip UK company. Nassim Taleb became the next CEO of Deal Coin; he is the founder of the We Fund Any Deal who qualifies Business Finance from Leeds University and BA Hons in Mathematics. Information of other team members, please see on official website.

Deal Coin is built on blockchain technology by combining security and transparency to be a real perpetuation in global financial markets. In 2016, the global financial market was worth $ 13.2 trillion. This is a vast market that actively supports a platform to earn high incomes. By charging a 1% interest rate, this will provide funds to businesses worth $ 132 billion.

For a long time, business people in various countries around the world face problems every time they apply for credit to finance their projects. The problem consists of high-interest rates, a very complicated filing process, a disbursement of funds for weeks or months, and is still limited to lenders in the same country. So far, businesses are still not free to access capital from global financial markets.

Not quite up there alone, another serious problem is the gap between investors and borrowers. Over the past decade, the borrower always charged interest rates up to more than 10%. Meanwhile, investors who lend some money only get 1% interest rate.

Behind all these problems, the revolutionary platform of the deal coin was created. The platform is here to provide solutions to businesses and investors. Deal Coin allows millions of companies around the world to get capital to finance their projects quickly, efficiently and equitably. Forget the complicated filing process and high-interest rates. Deal Coin will reduce interest rates significantly, so as not to burden the business. On the other hand, Deal Coin seeks to provide higher returns to investors.

Deal Coin serves as a platform that connects investors and borrowers. Both can communicate and negotiate to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Deal Coin hopes to help business people get capital in just a few minutes. Deal Coin works with credit reference, identity management, legal institutions and credit risk.

Through a mutually beneficial solution for investors and business people, Deal Coin expects there will be a global community that joins the ecosystem. The more businesspeople interested in the Deal Coin solution, it will encourage the adoption and purchase of DSLD tokens. When the demand exceeds the supply amount, it certainly pushes the value of the DSLD token in the future. There are many experienced professionals and characters behind Deal Coin who are ready to fulfill their mission.

Deal Coin released the DSLD token used to provide loan services to businesses. ICO token DSLD held on March 26 – June 8, 2018. The Platform accepts the purchase of DSLD tokens using Ethereum and Bitcoin. The price of 1 DSLD token is 0.10 USD.


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