The Cryptonomos Crowdsale Platform Starts Issuing Playkey Tokens

SAN FRANCISCO—October 9, 2017— Tokens for the decentralized cloud-based gaming platform Playkey will be available for sale on Cryptonomos, one of the leading platforms for blockchain-based crowdsale campaigns. A partnership between Cryptonomos and Playkey will make buying PKT even easier: The platform is making the process of registration, payment, and monitoring one’s investment portfolio as quick and convenient as possible. Two successful crowdsale projects have already taken place on Cryptonomos with tokens from the Giga Watt mining farm (the first two batches of Giga Watt WTT tokens were sold off in three days) and the company ICOS.

The Cryptonomos team conducts a comprehensive legal, economic, and technical analysis before allowing an ICO campaign on its platform. Playkey’s ICO campaign also went through such a procedure. Before the listing, Cryptonomos experts evaluated and approved every critical element of Playkey’s ICO campaign: user agreements with token holders, the security of user accounts and the collection of funds, the details of allocating funds and the use of smart contracts.

“ Playkey’s partnership with Cryptonomos gives us two key advantages. The first is an independent audit of the project by Cryptonomos experts, which increases trust in the ICO campaign and demonstrates the security of transactions in PKT. The second is access to a wide audience of token buyers that use the Cryptonomos platform as a reliable and convenient way of acquiring blockchain-based tokens from leading companies,” Playkey’s CEO Egor Gurjev says of the partnership.

The prime criterion for the success of the Playkey ICO is the existence of a product that has already been working since 2012, the cloud-based gaming platform , used by 1.5 million players around the world each month. Now the company is renting servers at data centers, but it plans to use funds from the ICO to change its operating principle to a P2P model, where an owner of a powerful computer anywhere in the world can rent out his hardware resources to other users.

Cryptonomos CEO Oleg Poskotin says of the deal, “We did a thorough analysis of the Playkey project and saw enormous potential for developing the project itself, as well as compliance in every aspect of the ICO, including all legal and technical details. We give special attention to validation and evaluation of an ICO before placing it on our platform, and the series of successful ICO campaigns on Cryptonomos is the best evidence of the high caliber of our work.”

Now an advance-sale campaign for Playkey is already underway, and tokens can be purchased under special conditions in amounts of 60 ETH and up, at a discount of up to 35%. In the ICO a total of 100 million PKT tokens will be issued, of which 60 million PKT will be available for purchase. Open sales of tokens on standard terms will start on the 1st of November 2017. The token will be priced at 0.004 ETH.

Complete information about the Playkey ICO is available at the website

About Playkey
More than 1.5 million players per month use the Playkey cloud-based gaming platform. The platform uses more than 100 servers based on NVIDIA GRID, and they are located in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Moscow. Playkey has more than 45 R&D professionals on its staff, and partnership agreements have already been signed with gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Wargaming. The Playkey project previously took in $2.8 million of investments from a large European venture-capital fund. For additional information, please visit .

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