Coinbase acquires Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence platform

Coinbase acquired Neutrino

Neutrino a blockchain intelligence platform was acquired by Coinbase, the agreement was announced on February 19 through a press release. This acquisition is part of the seriousness of Coinbase developing products and services to become the most trusted and easiest way to use cryptocurrency exchanges.

The presence of Neutrino is deemed necessary to achieve a coinbase mission on the open financial system to the world. By analyzing data about public blockages, Neutrino will help prevent funds from people’s accounts, investigating ransomware attacks.

Varun Srinivasan said :

Neutrino’s technology is the best we’ve encountered in this space, and it will play an important role in legitimizing crypto, making it safer and more accessible for people all over the world.

The same thing was conveyed by Neutrino, having the same mission as the company was one of the reasons they decided to join Coinbase

We decided to join Coinbase because we’re totally aligned with the company’s mission of building an open financial system and we believe that our expertise will play a vital role. We share the same commitment to regulation, compliance and security in the cryptocurrency space.



Neutrino is company focused on developing a comprehensive platform for analyzing, tracking and investigating bitcoins’ blockchain and other virtual currencies. The platform provides actionable insight on bitcoin transactions, useful for anyone involved in such applications:

– Law Enforcements following stolen bitcoins or investigating other crimes.
– Compliance and Regulatory Organizations in need for a KYC/AML policies in order to accept bitcoin transaction under the new normative.


Coinbase image via coinbase blog