ChangeBank Creating Global Investment App


As you can see the current cryptocurrency market have over 174 billions US dollars. In addition to just being store of values facility, we realize cryptocurrency actually overtaking traditional currencies in several aspects. This includes everyday payments and investments.

We also know traditional banking system is not efficient and lack of productivities to users to get more great results. Banks have no enough respons to millenials lifestyle with a great kind of products or services. Many people feel disconnected with the way banks operate. In otherside we have seen financial technology (fintech) companies or startup consistenly deliver better result in individual financial services.

There are so many projects creating awesome blockchain-related mobile app. But we often can’t see the different and the uniqueness, because it is relatively easy to building an app. The hard aspects is the marketing strategy and the advantages of mind to see the best market.

We think this is the point where ChangeBank standing for. This company-will offering new token in September 17-act like a bank where users can easily monitors their financial portfolio in ChangeBank app. This Singapore-based company want to ensure that every citizen, especially in Asia and Africa, has access to alternative financial services. Yes, we are agree with Kristjan, CEO of ChangeBank, that so many people is Asia and Africa has a limited access to financial service (unbank): no bank credit, investment apps, and credit apps. We believe ChangeBank’s effort will be thought to realize that.

Spending, investment, insurance, and credit

We see the ChangeBank is creating a global fintech. Change is digital banking application with simpler and more effective financial solution. The main concept here is by providing cryptocurrency-based marketplace to allows nearly anyone from anywhere to invest.

People can easily use cryptocurrencies to pay goods and services both online and offline. In addition, they can also invest in any projects availave in ChangeBank global crypto marketplace. This system is automatically converting between fiat and crypto money.


In general features, ChangeBank app, users can find the P2P loans and crowd-funded real estates. In other words we can say ChangeBank want to put all bank services in one point, the ChangeApp. As additional value, this is arises when new ecosystems are created where different market participants offer services. And customers can pick the best financial service from different service providers.

Change was founded in early 2016 in Singapore, one of Asia’s largest financial hubs. Shortly after, angel investors backed the proposition with over USD 200,000 in early investment, and leading FinTech startups in the region joined the group. By 2018, Change is set to launch the first global FinTech marketplace on blockchain.

Change planning to create global crypto card, allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies in millions of online and offline locations worldwide. So, you can buying with your cryptocurrency as easy as you buying goods and services with dollars, euros, or yen.

Well known advisors

We saw some advisors, that perhaps interesting to you. There are: Lesly Goh, Financial Services Lead at Microsoft; Roger Cook, ex-CEO at DHL; Vinay Mohan, Asia-Pacific Head of ConsenSys; and Miguel Soriano, Professor at the National University of Singapore.

Token Sale start in September 16, 7pm Singapore time (UTC+8) and 12pm London time (UTC+0). The pre-sale will take place a few weeks prior to the sale with the exact date and time to be announced soon via email. Make sure you are subscribed to Change’s updates.


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