Change Bank – All in One Financial Services into Global Marketplace


Change, a Singapore and Estonia based company which is also partnering with e-Residency programme by Government of Estonia run their initial coin offering start from September 16 until October 16, 2017. The Change platform offering seamless access into numerous financial services with just on a single platform.

Change was focuses on one specific service that possible to bundling on some of the financial services. When Banks are usually caused them self to grow slowly, then FinTech companies made a better position of the cutting edge technology to producing a better result for individual financial services. With Change platform, will be able to bundle all the FinTech companies into the global marketplace.

Some of FinTech companies such as Transferwise, Smartly, Oscar for insurance, Stripe payment, might keep concentrate on their segment expertise, then Change will be linked them as all-in-one financial services.

Since the platform was a blockchain based technology, Change marketplace will be able to allowing its users to select various specialized Fintech service providers. Users just need to access the services within a single application provided by Change platform. The possibility to connecting the service providers was handle by using open API.

At the moment, the platform has integrating with three leading Fintech startup in Singapore, such as Smartly, danabijak, and Bit Property. With the FinTech network that already linked, the its users platform will be able to make an investment, insurance, loans, real estate, and also using the startup providers services itself.

Change platform was also tiered standardized KYC to be suitable with the regulatory compliant. If users want to sign up to get the crypto payment card, they won’t need to provide their extensive information. But if users want to use the Fintech services providers, they will need to verify their identity.

Change utility token

Change tokens (CAG) will be act as the backbone for the platform. Created based on Ethereum ERC20 standard and will be closed its token creation when the sale hit a hard cap for 200,000 ETH. CAG token acts as a facilitator for the transactions. There will be incentive for the Change token holder, generated from TPSPs, and will be distributed monthly.

Inside the platform, there will be a crypto wallet and card integration. To ensure its safety funds inside the wallet, the platform will works with a leading wallet security provider. Cryptocurrency users will also able to use the Change wallet, so they were able to convert their crypto asset with fiat currency or makin a TPSP transaction. About the Change cards, are issued by Visa and Mastercard in Europe. With the Change card, will allow dynamic CVV that possible to generate a unique CVV for each transaction. So user will be increase the protection from any unauthorized access from their card.

Change Token Crowdsale Detail                              

Token Name: Change token
Token Symbol: CAG
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Limits: 200,000 ETH (Hard Cap)
Pre-Sale: September 9 – September 16, 2017
Crowdsale Start: September 16, 2017
Crowdsale End: October 16, 2017
Sale Bonuses: 20% at first 24 hours, 15% for the first week, and 10% at 2nd week.
Price: 1 ETH = 500 CAG
ESCROW: Yes                                                                                        


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