Centra – Worldwide Debit Card, Insured Wallet and CBAY Marketplace

Centra Platform

Centra Tech, Inc, a company behind Centra had releasing Initial Coin Offering (ICO), already start on August 5, and will end until October 5, 2017. Centra platform are trying to become one stop services, by connecting full financial services into cryptocurrency world, by using Centra Card as the main product.

To achieve the vision, the platform already having the core product inside, creating Sentra as debit card, creating the cryptocurrency marketplace called CBAY, having their own secured and insured multy-cryptocurrency wallet, and also software module outline to convert in a real-time exchange rate synchronization.

Centra card, is issued by The Bancorp Bank, member FDIC, designed to be available to accept on 8+ most popular cryptocurrencies. Users who having Centra debit card, are available to purchase what they needs using their cryptocurrency through the Centra wallet app. Centra debit card, will works in everywhere as long as accepting Visa and MasterCard.

For the multi-cryptocurrency wallet, the private key would be stored into an industry approved hot & cold storage solutions. The funds inside the wallet, according into the platform, will be insured from the theft, so users are covered if something happened. Later by Q1 2018, the platform will give the ability to waive insurance and store their private keys if they wish to opt out of the platform’s insurance policy.

As it mentioned earlier, Centra platform also creating its own marketplace. Through CBAY, users are able to buy or selling thousands of daily used goods. Based on the whitepaper, CBAY might be similar with Amazon, since users would be able to purchase goods with their cryptocurrency assets. Another benefit is, CBAY would also offers a guarantee about the risk when purchasing with cryptocurrency. The market offer 30 day return policies on all goods that will be specified on the return list.

There would be no need to worry about cryptocurrency price volatility, Currency Exchange Engine (CCE) able to convert the value in real time, without any fees. CCE module is fully support by API friendly module, already integrated to all of the Centra product platform.

Card Issuance Detail

There are three type of card offered by Centra:

  1. Black Card

Centra Black Card is a metal debit card with its limit about $100,000 per day for spending, and $5,000 to withdraw. This card will be issued to 500 ICO backers who already purchase with 100+ ETH. Users are able to put their name on top of the card.

  1. Gold Card

Centra Gold Card is a sleek gold design with limited edition imprint. User will also able to put their name into the card, $50,000 per day for spending limit and $2,000 withdraw limit. Centra Gold Card will be allocated to first 1000 contributor who contributed by buying CTR token with 30+ ETH.

  1. Centra Blue & Virtual Card

This type of card will be available for all users to order Centra Blue Card by generate the Centra Blue Virtual Card through the Centra Wallet app. Card limit for this type is $5,000 per day for spending, $1,000 withdrawal limit  per day.

Centra Token Crowdsale Detail

Token name: Centra
Token symbol: CTR
Token base: Ethereum – ERC20
Crowdsale start: August 5, 2017
Crowdsale end: Oct 5, 2017
Website WhitepaperContribute Token Sale



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