Caviar ICO – First Dual Purpose Crypto and Real Estate Investment Fund

Investing in digital assets is the hottest thing in the market right now, but it is not without its risks. One platform that is trying to de-risk these investments is Caviar. Caviar is an investment fund that offers both crypto and real estate investments in a single token.

Their mission is to provide investors and token holders with a diversified and data-driven portfolio that combines stable real estate with the ROI maximization of cryptocurrency. Basically, think of it as the best of both worlds for investors that want a high ROI, without all of the volatility that normally accompanies those investments.Also, in addition to the platform and token, Caviar is also going to be a crowdfunding platform for real estate developers to help raise funds for their projects.

The team behind Caviar is one chalked full of serial entrepreneurs, professors and other experts.Their history is an impressive one, as Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital LP, which is a real estate lending fund. For the past few years, Caviar Capital LP has provided financing for many real estate developments, and has outperformed any indices by more than 300%

The token sale for Caviar will take place in December of 2017 (and will end in January of 2018), with presale taking place near the end of November of 2017. Their website also offers a detailed roadmap, which includes their plans for the foreseeable future in case you are curious about what the future has in store for Caviar.

Caviar offers many different benefits to their investors in addition to the built-in diversification and stability that were mentioned earlier. One of the biggest benefits to investors is the fact that Caviar will offer immediate profit sharing. That’s right, Caviar is planning on starting profit sharing payments in the first quarter after the token sale closing. 75% of the profits that the company make will go back to the community.

Another is guaranteed liquidity for investors, which is great for peace of mind. Caviar will put aside 5% of their profits in order to re-purchase tokens on exchanges in order to help provide guaranteed liquidity for their investors.

One of the biggest concerns around cryptocurrency, digital assets and ICO’s is security. Well thankfully, security is taken very seriously at Caviar and they ensure that the best security practices are used to protect the infrastructure of the platform and the investments. Caviar also has a strong legal team to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed so that your investment will never be questioned.

In conclusion, Caviar provides investors with a less-risky way to get involved in investing in digital assets. Also, with their past successes with Caviar Capital, investors should feel confident in their ability to beat the market and consistently get a high ROI. This, paired with the diversification and stability thanks for real estate, make Caviar an attractive investment to make for all different types of investors.

The Caviar pre-sale begins on November 28, 2017. To contribute visit:

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