CarTaxi – First Logistics Platform for Evacuating and Transporting Car with Single Application


CarTaxi, a company based in Saint Petersburg, Russian, will be to the first logistics platform for evacuating and transporting car with a single mobile application. CarTaxi is a platform that synergized between geolocation and blockchain plus smart contract technologies.

The platform itself, has been tested and running in the Russian market. To gain in the global stage market expansion, CarTaxi will be on USA and Chine as the next projections in the year 2018. At the market launching, its coverage in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and others.

Towing Industries Market

Based on the US market research report in December 2016, US Automobile Towing industries Market was worth about $6 billion with the annual growth about 2.5%. For the China’s market, it will be twice for the US market, the estimations is $9.6 billion.

The number of car in Russia estimated at 52.5 million unit, and the number was for 144 million people. While, the total number of car in the world had passed one billion in 2010 according to Wardsauto research.

Based on the market size, the towing market will be the same as growth given that motorization expansion 3-5% annually around the world. Car towing market will be reach about $32 billion by 2022.

Since the CarTaxi has tested and run, the sales for the platform services from May to July 2017 has highly increased. The Russian market pull 15% commission charge, it was the same rate in the US or in China. The rates itself, are calculated automatically, and also consolidated within each region.

The platform strategic goal is trying to win up for 20% from the market worldwide in 5 years. And also trying to generate $970 million in revenue by 2020.

Blockhain and Smart Contract

CarTaxi use blockchain technology, and the smart contract was based on the Ethereum platform. Since it will based the blochchain technology, CarTaxi platform will completely running in transparent.

Smart contract, was setting up to handle the payments. By using the smart contract, it will be the ideal system for safely transferring funds between the client and the service provider. Payment status for the each transaction will be able to track, blockchain technology will provide transparent accounting and offsetting various type for payments.

The platform also able to monitors the transportation process, from the arrival and loading phase, until the unloading at the end point. It was because CarTaxi was using a decentralized payment system, smart contracts are useful to be able to track the goods that being transported safely.

Based on the architecture design platform, CarTaxi was trying to promoting the principle of guaranteeing the safety of cargo through transportation’s process. For the drivers, they just only assured that their towed vehicle is always under CarTaxi protections.

CarTaxi Design Platform


The platform has four major component to run the whole ecosystem. The first component is Mobile App for Clients, Mobile App for Partners, Web Interface for the Administrative purposes, and the subsystem of the Business Processes.

To tracking the vehicles current location, the platform is using geolocation to coordinate the current vehicle location. Both of the application for clients and partners are implemented on the iOS and Android.

By the mobile app for clients, user will able to call a tow truck and managing the order they preferred. Mobile app for partners and contractors, were designed to receive the order made by the clients. The app will make the client able to keep updating the geolocation and managing the business processes of the working sessions.

CarTaxi Token Pre-Sale & Crowdsale Detail            

Token Name: CarTaxi Token
Token Symbol: CTX
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Token Supply: 750,000,000 CTX
Pre-Sale Start: August 30, 2017
Pre-Sale End: Sept 19, 2017
Pre-Sale Price: 1 CTX = 0,000239 ETH
Crowdsale Start: Sept 29, 2017
Crowdsale End: Oct 29, 2017
Crowdsale Price: 1 CTX = 0,000443 ETH



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