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Based on the Worldwide Semi-annual Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide data taken from the International Data Corporation (IDC), AR/VR product and services total spending will be expected nearly $215 billion in 2021, from $11.4 billion in 2017.

It was a reasonable market for the augmented and virtual reality, since its will change how people live, consume and interact with the digital environment with each other.  Cappasity platform, a well trusted player in 3D digitizing and application for AR and VR takes the opportunity.

The team behind the project believes that the AR and VR will be driven by the content creators. That was the main reason why the platform launch their project. By Cappasity platform, it will enables for businesses an easy way to create and embed 3D content into websites, mobile applications, and also AR/VR applications with their cloud based platforms.

The platform convince a solution with a content-centric ecosystem view, based on the principle of decentralized economy by using the blockchain technology. With the blockchain, it is able to addressing the fundamental copyright challenge, providing transperancy by an immutable records system inside.

Cappacity best solution based on their platform is t

o create an easy and scalable tools for the content creators to engage and stimulate content exchange. Because the platform was a blockchain based, so it is easier to facilitating the transaction among parties.

cappasity ecosystem

Cappasity Ecosystem

Here is the Cappasity features inside the platform:

  • Easy 3D Scan Software

3D scan software will allow the content creators to generate 3D image just about three minutes. The 3D Scan tools here was able to digitizing thousands of item per day.

  • 3D View

The platform offered a new way format to view 3D content. The creators will have to take for 32-60 pictures, process them manually, and embed. For streaming the data, it will four times faster than the averages.

  • 3D Hologram

3D Hologram is a new format, and compatible with most various AR/VR devices.

  • API

API integration will used to synchronization with the product catalogues. Since the platform was also offering Cappasity tools for e-stores system, so the tools will give a better compatibility with the various browsers. With the API from Cappacity, it will allow to integrating 3D view and 3D Hologram format, allow the customer interaction in 3D format with Cappasity AI tools, and allow to create representation of 3D model surfaces by Remeshing solution tools.

  • Cappasity AI

Being used to analyse the customer’s interaction with 3D content, and provide them the customer interest for each of the product.

There is also a Content Submission System inside the platform to verify the content. The content submission system being used to distribute the content through decentralized storage, and making the copyright records on the blockchain.

To ensuring appropriateness of the content and eliminate copyright infringements, the content submission system was also modified with a moderation system by steadily data curation and monitoring. So by this way, it will allow the system to avoid the damage of the content such as the same content uploaded into the database, mismatched format, broken file, or even an offensive content.

Cappasity ARToken Crowdsale Detail                      

Token Name: ARToken
Token Symbol: AR
Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
Total HardCap: $50 Million
Token Sale Start: October 25, 2017 [Phase 1] Token Sale End: 28 days after
Phase 2 Crowdsale: Q1 2018
Price: 1 USD = 125 AR
Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
Phase 1 Bonusses:

  • 10% for first $10M in tier 1
  • 5% bonus for secon $10M in tier 2
  • 5% for $100K – $300K contribution
  • 10% for more than $300K contribution



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