Brave Browser, New Browser that Claims to Have the Highest Access Speed

Brave Browser, New Browser that Claims to Have the Highest Access Speed

Many inventions of advanced technology force us as gadget or smartphone users to be more careful in choosing applications to be installed on the gadgets or smartphones that we have. We have now encountered many applications that offer a number of advantages that make us as users interested to use them. Brave browser is a new browser application that can be used to access the same sites as chrome, mozila firefox, and other browsers with the same type. This application is a browser that is still new and in his promotion he claims to be the browser that has the highest access speed compared to similar browser applications.

Sometimes when using a particular browser we will be faced with a situation where the browser is very slow in accessing the information we need. Not only slow but the browser is filled with lots of ads that make you lazy because you have to lose excess quota or wait too long because these ads contain photos, videos, and others that force you to wait for a long period of time. Brave Browser itself claims that it is an ad-free browser and can access the data or information we need quickly.

About Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a application that recently began to be widely known after claiming the highest speed of access compared to other browsers of its kind. Brave Browser can be found in Play Store. In play store, you just need to look for brave word then this browser will appear at the top. This browser has been downloaded five hundred thousand times so it can be said that this browser has quite a number of users, although not as many as other browser applications, but for a browser that is still new, this application can be considered tolerable. This browser application can be used by users of Android, iOS, Mac, Winx64, and Linux. So the use of this application is unlimited.

This browser has a cat picture as logo. This logo is very typical with Brave browser’s appearance. This browser application you can also get easily in Play Store for free even this application is also considered to be very quota-saving compared to other similar browser applications. If you are curious about this application, it doesn’t hurt if you try to download this application in Play Store.

This application is a new and a fresh idea that emerged from one of the founders of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich. He formed a new startup, idea behind making this application is the concern of many users about browser access which is very slow because of the many advertisements that appear and interfere with their activities in surfing looking for certain data or information.


Brave Browser claim to has highest access speed.

Although it is a browser application that still new, this application dares to claim that it has the highest access speed. Each browser application itself actually has advantages and disadvantages. Each browser application has differences in the speed of access, security systems, add-ons features, and also the appearance of advertisements. According to several sources that have been compiled each experience raises a different answer. Some say that this one browser application does have a high speed as evidenced by the many positive comments on the play store. Play store itself provides a place to rate the applications that are in it. This application itself gets an interesting welcome and positive commentary comments that make you interested in trying to download this one application. Brave browser has the ability to save battery, you can automatically save your battery longer.

Other sources also say that the speed of this application is in line with the internet network you are using. If you use a 4G internet network, the speed will also be very fast according to his claim, but if you use an internet network below 4G, you will get a mediocre speed.

Brave Browser and it’s appearance

Brave browser is a new browser that has a display that can be said to be almost very similar to Chrome. From the screen display when you first open it you will see that this browser is a duplicate application of Chrome, but there are a number of things that make it different. Brave Browser itself is developed with Chromium or an open source version of Chrome. The appearance of this application and the ad blocking feature make this application well known and can be juxtaposed with other popular browsers. Although this application is still relatively new, but because of the features that this application has now started to have increased prestige among browser users.

Brave Browser has Highest Access Speed, is that right?

Claims from Brave browser stating that it is the browser with the highest access speed indeed needs to be questioned but it seems to be true considering that there are many features possessed by this application that are used to make users comfortable. The basics say that Brave browser is the browser with the highest access speed is as follows:

  1. Has a Battery Saving Feature

Battery saving features makes users of this application not need to be worry. This is because usually certain browsers can drain the battery quickly if used for a long time. But with the sophistication that we have, we as users are facilitated and given the leeway in using batteries for longer. Using the battery saving method in this application can also make access speeds higher than other browsers. This is because the application no longer requires power from the user’s smartphone in the form of battery usage in accessing data or information. This might be good news for us users.

  1. Adblock Feature

Adblock on this application clearly has an impact on application speed in terms of data or information access. This is because advertisements usually slow down the speed of the application in data access. The number of advertisements is usually unlimited and very disturbing. The large number of advertisements automatically makes us users feel that our time is running out just to see ads. Moreover, most advertisements usually cannot be skipped and force us as users to see these ads up. Automatically block ads in this application, making unnecessary and annoying advertisements disappear and the time we spend is shorter.

  1. Depends on Internet Speed

The power of the network is indeed putting the most important position in the speed of this application. This application claims that it is a new browser that has the highest and fastest access that will not run optimally if there is no support from us as users to use the internet network with a fast connection. A fast connection will make your browser run fast. But a slow connection will make your browser also access data in a slow way too. This will sync with your internet network. 4G internet network will give you a high speed compared to the internet network underneath.

Brave Browser’s Advantages

  1. Page Load Speed

In accordance with the vision offered that this application makes a claim that this application can speed access, the advantage possessed by this application is the speed of loading on the page. This load speed is one of the features that makes many users start to be interested in using this browser. Although it is still new in the browser world, this application has gained many users because of the speed features offered. This page load speed is faster than other browsers like Mozilla, even though chrome so if you want to get surfing in cyberspace with high speed then the application is the right application.

  1. Adblock Feature

Ad block feature also known to be one of the features that makes this application have so many users. Adblock here is actually a feature where ads are limited in number. Ads are still there but the numbers are reduced, the selected ads are also important advertisements. The existence of the ad blocking feature is actually very convenient for the user. This is because with the absence of advertisements when we are accessing the site, we will be made easier and more profitable. Now this ad restriction actually wants to make the two parties equally benefit. Publishers and users alike benefit. So the ad is restricted rather than eliminated and selected ads are indeed worthy of being seen. Publishers still earn money from ads that are displayed and users can still feel comfortable because there are ad filters here. So the ads that are displayed are not many and may even be absent.

  1. Time Saving

WHen using this application, obviously the time you have can be used for other activities. This actually happened because of the ad blocking features that exist in this browser. The absence of advertisements makes the time we use to access data or information fully we can use to the maximum. Non-essential advertisements will only slow down users in finding the data or information needed to be accessed. Meanwhile, if the ad is not available then the time we have will be longer and we can use it for other activities which is certainly more useful than just watching the ad.

  1. Low Data Transfer

This application has a feature that is not owned by other browsers. Other browsers when used will make us wasteful data of users, moreover the appearance of advertisements in the form of images or videos that must be watched certainly makes our data become very wasteful for things that we don’t really need. The existence of features in Brave browser makes us as a user can minimize the use of data to be less. Data can be safer and are used for something more useful. This is a special help for people who do not have a lot of quota or are not using a wifi..

  1. Avoid Virus Threat

This application not only makes us as users not see disturbing ads, but this application also protects from viruses that can attack. There is a special malware that makes the virus can no longer act. This application is designed with all the creativity that is very good and it is not surprising if the number of users is continuously increasing. This is certainly very good because usually a lot of viruses can get in and damage anything. With this protection feature, the virus can no longer be as they pleased to enter. This can be emulated by other browsers, although each browser has advantages and disadvantages of each a browser.

  1. HTTPS Upgrades

Brave has HTTPS upgrade capabilities. This is useful for protecting personal data and payment data that you have. This feature is also not widely owned by other applications. The development of features that are very helpful and good is one thing that can be a stepping stone for a new application to start being accepted and widely used by many people. The ability to upgrade greatly helps protect the user’s personal data. Users no longer worry about losing personal data at any time. This situation is very helpful for users and users will be very comfortable using this application compared to using similar browser applications that do not have the same advantages.

  1. Browse with Privacy

How glad you have an application that can maintain your privacy. Usually everyone has a certain privacy which does not want to be known by anyone other than himself. Moreover, in using a browser there are some people who wish to save their own information without any intention to share it with other parties. To protect your privacy, you don’t need to bother. This is because at this time the tracker system on the website has been blocked so you are sure to be safe in using whatever is in this one browser application. With so many features that help it is no wonder this application is easily accepted by many people. Maybe one day this application will continue to experience growth and may make this application the most popular browser browser and the most sought after.

Disadvantage of Brave Browser

  1. Bookmark Feature

This application actually has more advantages than disadvantages. Deficiencies that exist in this application can actually still be tricked or replaced with other features. Because at this time the existing system on the browser is still new and will continue to be developed. So it is very possible if there will be a new feature or bookmark facility available that can facilitate us as users. The lack of bookmarking facilities makes us as a user in using this application must open the URL page first via the default browser so that the bookmark can actually be stored there. But here what happens is that we have to work twice compared to if the bookmarking facilities really do exist. If you are interested in trying, download here