BountyPortals Review – Qualified Campaign Manager For Your Project


ICO Cryptocurrency projects had becomes so widely spread out massively. ICO crowd sale had becomes the best solution to gain fund in the fasted way. Helping the projects run smoothly, and to increase the massive investor from all people around the world.

On the other hands, the team behind the project must be done all the requirement, including how to handle the market’s aspect. As an ICO crowd sale project that based on the Blockchain technology right now we has understand, it will quiet related with how the team would able to increase the investors. Choosing the right, the best campaign manager to handling the project market spread out, has turn the possibility to be succeeded increasing.

A Campaign Manager, as far as we know it, would managing the bounties campaigns for the ICO project. And the bounties campaign itself, will be useful aspect how the project will be spread out, becomes massively understood the detail, about the concept, roadmap, how it works, andalso how to pull the investor to join the crowd sale.  As the first segment target, surely it was coming from the worlds of cryptocurrencies communities.


BountyPortals handling all campaign needs for the project.

Reducing Error

Now, here is BountyPortals, introducing how the campaign management would be running smooth. BountyPortals has already running the services for a years by now. What BountyPortals offering is, it will reduce the error on such how the campaign should be calculated. The most error are happened because the campaign manager have to do it by manual checking.

BountyPortals, then coming with the great idea, able to handle and reducing the error problem by running an automatic and free checking, and how the bounty distribution will sent exactly. These will be the important steps how the campaign will be succeeded.

As the project that had already handling by BountyPortals and gain succeeded such as VDICE, LUNYR, ADEX, Aeternity, PIIKO, and also At a recent ICO project running by using BountyPortals services right now are DAOACT, EasyMine, Gilgam, CoinJob, INDORSE, and SkyWay.

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